15 Greatest Lockdown Gift Ideas to Give in the Lockdown

Lockdown Gift IDEAS

Lockdown Gift ideas is the trending keyword and most common terminology now a days, As the whole world is facing challenges in this pandemic which is causing a big trouble for everyone to survive.

It is very difficult to keep yourself busy while staying at home whole day, because our lifestyle was never like this we used to run here and there for any little work. We are the ones who are extremely affected by covid-19 and we have no idea when this era will phase out.

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Most of the countries are in the phase of lockdown and some are opening with the strict restriction and limitation. People who are residing in the zone of lockdown are very much annoyed and irritated. Most of them are celebrating their birthdays while locked in home. Neither they can call their friends nor they can visit to someone.

Keeping in mind all those people who are having tough times in this lockdown situation we have listed down the best lockdown gift ideas which are really mindblowing and will definitely going to give a big smile on the face of the recipients. 

We don’t know when this pandemic will end but we are so damn sure about our list of lockdown gift ideas that will definitely help you in this covid-19 situation. 

So, let’s checkout the best lockdown gift ideas. 

List of Best Lockdown Gift Ideas

1. Books


Books are one of the favorite gifts for the people who mostly likes spends their time in reading. Now a days people have lots of free time to do stuff for themselves, many have became chef and many have started enjoying their hobby which they never got time to explore. Sending books as a gift is a really good option to give as reading books will definitely relax their mind and also will help to pass the time.

Now the question is that which book you will be sending them as a gift. See, the book category is very huge such as action, adventure, fantasy, horror, fiction and many more. It will directly depend on the choice of the recipients that which category you should go for. If you are finding it difficult to choose then must check this post it will definitely help you in finding some good options for your loved ones. 

We are sharing the best sellers books from Amazon which will definitely help you in finding the best book options. Additional tip for you that before buying any book you must check out the customer views, story line and ratings. 

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2. PlayStation


Are you bored in your home by sitting ideally and doing nothing? If your answer is yes then PlayStation is one of the best lockdown gift ideas to get as well as to give to the loved ones. Now a days people are more engaging to themselves. Its good to have some adventures after a work full day sitting on your chair.

We have brought you the best PlayStation 4 which is slim and easy to carry. It comes with 1 TB console, you can play the greatest games and stream or download famous TV shows, movies from the big OTT platform like Netflix, PlayStation store or many more. It can be your best friend in this lockdown who never leaves your side.

You can also check the buying guide for the PlayStation here and get your vision clear in choosing the best compatible PlayStation for you or for your loved ones. If there is no source of entertainment in the recipient house then gifting PlayStation is really a great idea. 

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3. Sports Equipments

Sport equipments

When you working, you hardly get time to think about yourself and if you have a family to look after then its next to impossible to take out some time for yourself. But this Covid-19 atleast given us this precious time to spend on grooming yourself and look after on your health and body.

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Of-course in this crises you can not go to gym as you are supposed to follow social distancing from the world. So why not bring gym to your home and make it easy for you to work on your self. Here we are giving you a marvelous gift idea in this lockdown to gift yourself or to someone who is more likely to take this kind of product in his/her life.

This fusion motion portable gym will give you full feel of working out in your training room. This set contain 8 accessories including heavy resistant band, triceps bar, ab roller wheel, pulleys and much more. You can st  art your workout sessions at home now. This can be one of the best lockdown gift ideas to give to someone who is fitness freak.

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4. Neck & Back Massager

Neck back Massager

One of the most annoying issues during winters can be muscle pain as your muscles will get tend and cause a lot of pain. Mostly people in the late 40s start to feel pain in their muscles. This can be due to several reasons and it is advised that you should take care of your body at every stage of life.

To find one of the best lockdown gifts, You can consider buying this massager for neck and back. It is an interesting product as you can use it in your house or office to get a comfortable experience. After working for hours, especially in this lockdown working culture where you are managing you work along with your home, you might start feeling pain in your body and this product will give you a relaxing experience. 

You will get a deep and comfortable massage by using this massager that will really help you to end your day with a smile on your face. You can control the heat in the massager as per your preference so that you can get a relaxing time. This can be one of the best lockdown gift ideas to give to someone who is dealing with lots of responsibilities.  

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5. Laptop Screen Protector

laptop screen protector

In lockdown we spend our most of the time on our laptops which is definitely hitting our eyes bad because the rays that get released from laptop screen are very harmful to absorb and during lockdown our working hours has been increased automatically. So to prevent your eyes from these harmful rays we have brought this laptop screen protector as the best solution to get rid of those rays.

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Laptop comes in different sizes, make sure you know the size of your laptop screen before purchasing any screen protector. This laptop screen protector comes with the anti scratch and anti fingerprints technology to resist scratch, dust and fingerprints. It will protect your eyes as well as your laptop screen from pointed objects.

For all the office people who are working from their homes and who spends most of their time on their laptop then they should definitely go for this product, it will be counted as must essential item to have. These screen protectors are one of the best gifts to send during lockdown as this will show your care for the person. 

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6. Dress Organizer

Dress Organizer

Organizer is always a best thing to have in homes, whether its a dress organizer or any storage organizer, it helps you a lot to keep your stuff well organized. If you see people are tired of collecting clothes spread everywhere in theirs house or he/she always face a problem in managing the clothes then you can be their well wisher and gift this dress organizer which can be one of the best things for them to get in this lockdown.

This organizer comes in bronze color and each side of this organizer has 3 mesh pockets and 5 fabric bronze shelves having a dimension of 12” W x 10” D X 45” H. It has plenty of space for your unwanted clothes to place on. This product will definitely make your life easy and mannered in this lockdown.

This is one of the best gifts to send during lockdown to someone who is struggling in managing their clothes. Having this organizer in our homes is really great you can make your home look more beautiful when it is nicely kept. Small advise must check the size of the organizer before buying it.

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7. Smart Plug

Smart Plug with alexa enabled

Finding a plug socket in our home is really a difficult task for everyone especially in lockdown, when everyone is fighting to plug in their electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, speakers, bluetooth and many more. This kind of situation you might have never faced earlier at this extent but in this phase when everyone is working form home you need a separate charging point for whole day.

Smart Plug is another coolest gadget to make things easy in our day to day life. It comes with the extra ordinary features like voice command to control, schedule & timer, remote control, wifi control, device sharing and many more. This product would be a magical product that will solve your half of issue of charging in a minute.

The best thing about this smart plug is that it works with Alexa and Google home assistant. Just simply give a voice command to control your home device with smart outlet via Alexa or Google Home Assistant. It is one of the awesome gifts to send during lockdown. In this lockdown lets make life easier of your loved and dear ones.

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8. Portable Projector

Portable Projector

Watching movies is one of the best part time of any movie lover, now OTT trend is running down the world to get more involved in the entertainment. Its obvious that bigger the screen better the viewing experience. We have brought this amazing product for the people who are always into OTT.

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Just imagine watching your favorite series in a very comfortable position and on a huge screen with a bucket of chicken wings would give you another level experience. And its best to give the same level of experience to someone you love the most. This portable projector will be one of the best lockdown gift ideas to give someone who is a big fan of movies and series.

This mini projector has 1080P with extended display till 170”. This movie projector support 40,000 hrs LED lamp life also compatible with TV stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB. This product has cooling system feature in it and noise suppression technology so that you get best time while watching.

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9. Garden Set Tools

garden tool set

Is your loved ones spends most of their time in gardening? He/she always dig the garden and try to trim and shape the flowers and small plants?If your answer is yes then this garden set is the perfect option to give in the lockdown. 

This garden tool set comes with 12 pieces high quality gardening tools which is more sharp to help you in cultivating the garden in your backyard. Also it has the waterproof durable gardener’s apron with multiple organizer pockets and kneeling pad which is designed to keep your gardening supplies and accessories close at hand, fit for both men and women. 

It is built for hard use and a perfect need for all your garden needs. It is also one of the best and perfect thing for the list of lockdown birthday gift ideas. 

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10. Home Office

Home office LAP

In office you get a proper setup to work, where you have your flexible chair, your table and good amount of light to work properly. But now a days when most of the people are working from home they don’t get a proper corner to work flexibly, most of the time its their bed where they make their whole job done.

People have started suffering from shoulder ache, back ache due to wrong sitting posture while working and of course straining their eyes. This product will help those people in a very phenomenal manner whose daily struggle is to sit in one position and work continuously on bed or somewhere not with proper sitting.

This lap desk can hold your laptop, your mouse pad along with your mouse and your mobile phone. You can fit up to 15.6 inch laptop on it with a beautiful white marble finish. This product is one the best lockdown gift ideas to give someone.

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11. Karaoke for Adults

Karaoke Machine for adults

Sometime its fun to sing along with your family in front of television. They always find a way to enjoy every single moment with their loved ones. In this lockdown you will be getting ample amount of time to spend with your people. So, why not to gift someone a very special product to enjoy this time with their family.

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We have brought such product for you to enhance your quality time with your family/friends. This karaoke machine will swing your mood and bring on the party feel for everyone in the house. This is one of the best lockdown gifts ideas to give to someone who loves to party.

This all in one karaoke system comes with a microphone sing stand along with a Bluetooth speaker. There is no CDs required to run this device, you just need to connect your phone via Bluetooth and play thousands of songs or videos through apps. This product comes with 10 different effects including harmonize, high pitch, low pitch, chipmunk and many more as well as 8 sound effects to make your performance even more fun.

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12. Foot Rest Pillow

foot rest pillow

Most of us now a days missing our office comfortness at your home but making your home like your workspace is really easy and handy with this foot rest pillow. We really need to take care of foot while working and hardly we don’t care about it. 

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It comes with the great technology like premium memory foam, heat responsive technology, non slip bottom and many more. This foot rest is made up of pure memory foam with no additives and the cover is equipped with a non-slip bottom so the footrest always stays in place. The super soft velour cover is extremely soft and durable. 

It is one of the perfect work from home accessories for the office desk, chair, or couch and this product is consider a best lockdown gifts for him.

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13. Board Games

Party Games

This is very true that this lockdown is giving hard time to all either you say in business or you say in personal life. It is very important to keep calm yourself all the time and keep engaging in different activities to run your mind. We have got this amazing board game for you to play at home with your family in this lockdown and have some enjoyable moment.

Best part about this lockdown is that you are getting full time to spend with your family which you never used to get due to life routine. People used to complain each other that no one has time for anyone, everyone are busy in their day to day work and many relationships were on stake due to this distance. But now it’s the time to rebuild your family relations with each other and make the bond even stronger.

This board game known as throw throw burrito, this contains set of cards in it from which you will earn points to stay in the game. You will also get to hit with squishy foam burrito to steal points from your opponents. This game can be played by 2-6 people, includes 120 cards, 7 tokens and 2 incredible cute foam burritos. This is one the best gifts to send during lockdown.

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14. Cocktail Shaker Set

cocktail Shaker Set

Did your friend love to make a drinks in house parties or any other place? If it is so then this cocktail shaker is the ultimate option to choose as a lockdown gifts.

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This cocktail shaker set have a 13 pieces of tools including brushed stainless steel bartender kit, with all Bar accessories, cocktail strainer, double jigger, bar spoon, bottle opener, pour spouts and more. It also have a beer and soda opener, 6 bottle pourers, and a hawthorne cocktail strainer which make this shaker a well perfect cocktail set.  

The best part about this shaker is that it is so easy to clean by hand. All the parts are completely dishwasher safe and won’t rust. Just simply rinse with warm water and soap, and the set will look new as once again. This shaker is best for the people who loves to drink cocktail/mocktail. 

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15. Trimmer 

trimmer for mens

In lockdown it is preferred not to interact with people as it is advised to follow social distancing. You should avoid going salon now a days as it can be risky to groom yourself in salons. We have brought a great solution for you to trim your unwanted hairs at home easily.

Why to waste money and risk your life when you can do wonders with this trimmer at home and is very easy to use. With this grooming kit you can trim your hair, bread, body as well as face without any blade or oil. In this set you will get all in 1 trimmer with 23 different styling purpose cutting guards.

You will get 5 years guarantee with this product and self-sharpening blades in it. This trimmer comes with a rechargeable battery to use it more smoothly whenever required. Don’t wait to rethink gift this amazing kit to your guy in this lockdown. It can run continuously for 5 hours in one go per charge. This can be one of the best lockdown gifts for him to make him feel good about himself.

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Wrapping Up the Post

Here’s the post ends.

We have mentioned the best lockdown gift ideas which you can give to your loved ones or use it for yourself. We have picked some awesome and useful products for you in this lockdown.

If you are well satisfied with this post then do share it on social media and give us the appreciation. Do comment your favorite lockdown gift ideas in the comment section. 

Be safe and happy shopping.!!

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