25+ Freaky & Quirky Beer Lovers Gifts For Beer Geeks

Beer lovers gifts are the most amazing thing that we can gift on the occasions of the beer festivals, Birthday or any beautiful event that are special in the life of recipients.

Finding Beer lover’s gifts for beer lovers are very easy if your favorite drink is beer, Yes your guess is right we love beers more than any drinks.

As we all know Beer is the third largest consumable thing after water and tea, and for the beer lovers there are number of cool and quirky accessories that they will love immensely, These are very rare beer gifts, Use them wisely and give it to any beer lovers without having a second thought.

So, Let’s jump into the pool of gifts especially for beer lovers.

List of Gifts for Beer Lovers

1.  USA Beer Map

usa beer cap

Every country has a map of their own but have you heard about Map which is all of wood and consist of Beer caps all around in the shape of USA Map? If not then this is the unique gift for the beer lovers.

It is the USA map which holds the 69 bottle caps and can be easily mounted on the walls of your homes. Also, One can easily remove it from the wall, add more caps, and place it back on the headless nails. Just show your beer collections of beer with the help of this map.

The finishing of this USA beer map is really beautiful which makes this product a worth. It comes with the semi-gloss smooth UV-resistant finish already applied and will look great against any background.

Bottom Line: It is ideal for the Beer lovers and you could place it in your bar, in your garage, man cave, kitchen, or brewery. 

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2. Beer Chiller Sticks

Beer Chiller sticks

Now say no warm beer bottles and yes to chilled beer bottles everywhere. Every beer lovers loves to drink a chilled beer but there are lots of circumstance where he/she not able to drink chilled beers and chilled beers are really important as Beer foam in the Beer. 

So this is the must essentials for the beer lovers and best gifts for beer lovers. This beer chiller sticks are made from 304 stainless steel materials which is truly safe for human beings.

This stainless steel tube keeps your drink cold without watering it down. You just need to freeze the tube and insert it into your bottle and rest leave up to these sticks. The liquid insides contain water (74.8%), glycerol (23%) and other food grade chemical elements (2.2%) and the lowest freezing point is -46.5℃ / -51.7℉ which is really great to chill the beer or any drinks. 

Bottom Line: If the recipients travels a lot and he/she always complains about the cold beer then this is the great option for those people.  

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3. Steel Beer Bottles

Beer Insulated Stainless Stell beer bottle

This product is the ultimate beer chiller combination for beer bottles as well as beer and soda cans. Steer beer bottles built with the premium heavy stainless steel which protects the bottles from warming up. 

It will cold the bottle till 3-4 hours which is huge time to consume one beer bottle and if you really slow still then this will work. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the mugs or any beer glasses while drinking. You can drink with your  

The thermos are really perfect that helps the bottles to chilled, Steer beer is the sweat proof bottle that is only made up for the beer lovers. If you really loves to drink cold beer and want to avoid warm beer then this is the perfect option that you can choose for your loved ones. 

Bottom Line: This is one of the best gifts for beer lovers who loves to drink slow but also they want the chilled beer.  

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4. Picnic Beer Caddy Bottle

Legacy Picnic Bottle

Going on the picnic but missing your beers ? Ah, the time has gone when you just need to drink the soft drinks while going on the outdoor picnic and this is only because of Beer Cady which comes with the integrated beer opener and best for the beer lovers.

This product will help you to carry beer bottles and generally one cady carries a 6 bottles and you can remove bottles without opening the flap. This beer gift is so light in weight that a person can travel with it by one place to another very conveniently. 

This beer cady Bottle carrier comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so you can BYOB wherever you want. The advantage of having this Beer cady is that it comes with the opener so you don’t need to open the beer with your teeth.

Bottom Line: It is wonderful for any beer lovers but best for the DAD. 

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5. Beer Can Glass

Beer Can Glass

It is most common gift for any beer lovers, If you are confused or don’t have enough time to do a research to find the gifts for your partner or friends then go with this Beer Can glass. 

This Beer Can Glass can hold 16 OZ any drink whether its beer, soft drinks or water. You have the limitation to drink 16 OZ in it. This Beer Can glass comes with the funny quotation written on that “It’s the most wonderful time for a beer” which make this more interesting for beer lovers. 

Also the washing part is so easy, You can easily wash this beer can as it is completely dishwasher safe which makes this great gifts for beer lovers. 

Bottom Line: Highly recommended to the peeps who don’t know want to research about the beer gifts but still want to gift something to the beer lovers. 

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6. Beer Dispenser

Beer Dispenser

Have you ever tried to drink beer with the beer dispenser? Most of you are wondering what the heck is Beer Dispenser, but trust us you will give your taste buds a new taste of beer with the Beer Dispenser.

With the Beer dispenser, you can enjoy fresh nitro-style draft beer anywhere. The dense Fizzics Micro-Foam head enhances the texture and aroma, bringing out the full flavor of your favorite beer. Get the real taste of Brew beer with this beer dispenser anywhere. 

Enjoy the premium experience of drinking beer with your favorite brand and consume it anywhere. This is best for the beer lovers around the world.

Bottom Line: It comes in the list of great Beer lovers gifts, specially for the Brew lovers.  

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7. Patio Table – Great For Beer Lovers 

outdoor wicker bar table

This Product is really an amazing thing for any beer lovers, not only you could use it for drinking beer but also one could place the beer inside with lots of ice. 

It comes with a set of 2 and are so light in weight that a person can easy carry from one place to another. Beer lover will definitely love this wooden Patio table as a gift.

It is made from custom hand woven all-weather, high density, PE wicker + UV protected Metal Frame + Galvanized Sheet Ironinner container that makes this patio table more durable and rigid. 

Bottom Line: Best for the barbeques, pool parties. To enjoy a perfectly chilled drink right at your fingertips buy this for beer lovers. 

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8. Wooden Beer Box

wooden beer caddy handcrafted bottle carrier

This is something which comes in one of the rare beer gifts which is appreciated by every beer lovers. Wooden Beer Caddy is a handcrafted wooden beer box which helps your beer to place it properly. It is made of Pine with a clear varnish ply base. 

At one time, one can store the 6 bottles of beers, the measurement of this wooden beer box is around 10.2″L x 6.7″W x 11.0″H. Also, this wooden beer box comes with the bottle opener which will help your beer bottle or soda to remove the cap.

Beer holders are really important and necessity of any beer lovers who loves to drink indoor or outdoor. If you are going out, you could easily carry your beer bottles in it without any hassle. This gift for beer lovers are really awesome and best for them. 

Bottom Line: If the recipients travels a lot then this is the item you should select for him/her on the next occasions. 

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9. Novelty Socks

novelty socks as a gifts for beer lovers

If beer lovers likes something cool then this gift is one of the items that you should consider buying for them. You can buy cute novelty socks as gifts for beer lovers.

These are free size socks which means that it will surely be a perfect fit for anyone. You can also find vintage wool socks that will give you a unique style and amazing look with your pajamas. There are slipper socks that you can use which is cute and available in various designs. So make sure to check them all out before buying the socks.

While some people think that socks might not be a good idea for any beer lovers but when you see it yourself it will change your mind. There are various patterns of socks that you can buy so if you want to get more information about them, you can look at Amazon.com. 

Bottom Line: Socks are very common and best for every peeps out there, so do not develop any thought before giving these kinds of gifts for beer snobs. 

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10. Beer Making Kit

beer making kit

You must heard about food making kit, dessert making kit and many more kits but have you heard about Beer Making Kit? We must know your mind is revolving and you are scratching your head badly that you could make your beer on your own and consume it. 

Beer Making Kit includes everyday IPA making mix (grain, hops and yeast), 1 gallon reusable glass fermenter, glass spirit-filled thermometer, vinyl tubing, racking cane & tip, chambered airlock, Brooklyn Brew Shop cleanser, and screw-cap stopper etc.

It has everything which helps in creating beer at homes, just brew the freshest and best-tasting beer by creating by reading the manual which comes with this beer making kit. 

Bottom Line: This Beer Making Kit is perfect for brewing craft beer lovers and can be easily made at homes. 

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11. Beer Pong Set

Mini Beer Poing Tabletop

Everyone loves to play a Beer games after sipping 1-2 bottles of beers and this Beer Pong set is the great example of Beer games which is really an amazing thing for any beer lovers.

This Mini Beer Pong set includes the 25 plastic cups, 2 wood pong balls with strings & anchors, 2 spring loaded catapults, hinged board & mesh storage bag which are enough to make your game more interesting and thrilling fun. 

Just setup your beer pong game in seconds and enjoy the beers by making it more exciting with this mini beer pong game set. If you are truly fan of beer pong then this is the best thing you should choose for the beer lovers. 

Bottom Line: This Mini Beer Pong is best for the young students who are in colleges and has new curiosity to enjoy a fun. 

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12. GOT Beer Glass & Opener Set

GOT Beer glass

Are you die hard fan of Game of thrones and drinking Beer too? If this combination is suiting you then this is the perfect Beer glass you should gift or own. 

This beer glass is made from the highest-standard material with a weight of 17 Oz. Also, the Hand of the king bottle opener made in casterly rock comes with it. To make it more interesting this is the great gift for the beer lovers. 

Try this GOT beer glass this time and enjoy every sip of beer like a real Lannister and feel the ROAR!!

Bottom Line: This Beer glass is best for the GOT die hard fans and the beer lovers.

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13. Beer Soap

Beer soap as a beer gifts

Want to enjoy the taste of beer while bathing in your bathroom? If your answer is yes then Beer Soap is the great beer gifts you should prefer!!

These soaps are made up of ingredients like orange peel, crushed oats, and real hops. As you all know beer is very rich in vitamin, mineral so this product is very good for your skin as well. It can a very interesting product to gift someone whom you care for and who loves trying grooming products. Each bar is 4oz and measures 3″ round by 1″ thick. This beer soap is made up with the ingredients like orange peel, crushed oats, and real hops. 

You must have tried beer shampoos, this is something new came up with you should definitely try. It is very easily available on Amazon.com, where you can choose this flavor you would like to give it a shot. You can use this soap all over your body including your face.

Bottom line: Beer soap is a perfect gift for them who is crazy about beers and cider. It has great scent and it is a fun American-made goods. 

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14. Beer Bottle Cap Holder


People love to decorate their house with unique stuff, there are many people who are fond of utilizing crap into making something useful as well as beautiful.

This eye- catching display board might help you doing it. There are many folks who loves to collect different kinds of stuff, if you are one of them who loves to collect beers caps, then this display board will enhance the beauty of your collection which is crafted with solid wood with lacquer finish and fun beer-bottle shape where you can fit your beer caps.

Bottom line: This beer gift is one of best gifts you can give to anyone who drink beers a lot.

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15. Classic Beer Holster

Beer holster

Some people find it nice having beer while working in kitchen or garage, places where you don’t have enough bandwidth to carry bottle in your hand all the time while working.

There you go, with this one crazy product to help you making your work more fun with every sip of your favorite beer. Wherever you go just carry your bottle with the help of this. 

It is one perfect belt made up of coated leather with water repellent surface designed specially for people who likes to have a drink when they are busy in doing their favorite DIY, they can easily carry the bottle on their waist wherever they go.

Bottom Line: This gift can be very special to give someone in your life, we are pretty sure they are gonna love it and will use it every day.

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16. Beer Bottle Opener

Bottle openeer
Most important thing while having beer and after beer is beer bottle opener. Here we bring the perfect gadget for beer lovers. It is made up of top-quality material like sleek aluminum with professional stainless steel which ensure you to have beer after beer without stopping.

This opener is specially made for the bottle with twist-off and crown caps and it is advisable to put in on hard and plain surface for better results. If you are not able to find anything then this might is your savior. 

It is one elegant product with a beautiful designing which will enhance the look of your bar or counter. This beer opener comes in different colors from which you can choose according to your decor.

Bottom Line: This is one of the best gifts for beer lovers. You can gift this beer gift to your cool dad, brother, or your men. 

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17. Beer Cap Map
BEer Map Cap

If you are big fan of art and craft then this piece of art might excite you. This will give you chance to taste different kinds of beer and explore the map with the collection of your beer caps.

You can travel the whole world and pin it with the best beer you have tasted over there. It can be one great gift to give on Birthday, Christmas, House warming or to someone casually who is a beer person. Who can collect and showcase their beer memory on the map. It can be a rare display in your drawing room or in your bar area.

Bottom Line: If the gift recipient is big lover of art and craft then this beer gift is the good option to go for. 

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18. Beer Gloves

beer mitt
This is one amazing creativity that have been made in the world of beer people, as it is very difficult sometimes to hold chilled bottle or can of beer in chilly weather, so you can have this product to hold it very conveniently.

This product will keep your hand warm and your beverage cold, so that your drink won’t get affected with your body heat. This is made up of premium stitching quality. You can use it at your camping, events, parties etc.

This can be an affordable and easy gift option to give to anyone who would love to carry wherever they go to party or on travelling trips.

Bottom Line: This comes in the category of rare beer gifts and best for the people to give this in winters. 

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19. Homebrewing Kit

Craft beer kit

Home brewery kit is the best kit you can consider for someone who is very fond of brewery beer, who likes to experiment and loves to make a drink for their guests. This kit is specially designed for the beginners.

In this kit you will get all the required tools to make your evening more fun, you will get step-by-step instruction and simple ingredients with the kit for easy making. It will only be going to take 30 minutes. This will give you another level of experience to make your own batch of beer in just few steps without spending 8-9 long hours in brewery.

This beer kit comes with all the equipment you need to brew your first batch of beer. This can be one of the greatest gifts for anyone who would loves to enjoy every sip of beer and imagine how much they are going to enjoy when they will drink their own crafted beer. This kit will give you the satisfaction guarantee every time you work on it.

Bottom Line: This is best for the beginners and best gift for a craft lover beer lover. 

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20. Beer thong Sandals
Beer thong sandals

Beer thong sandals are a very cute collection for men, keeping in mind their love for beer. These thong sandals are designed especially for beach vacation, but you can wear it anywhere with your comfort.

These are made up of navy-blue printed design fabric on the inside edge of the strap and there is a logo of Corona on the footbed of the flip flop that makes it very cool and it also have a cushion comfort on the surface.

It can be a great idea to gift your best buddy and plan a vacation with him so that we can show off his new Beer thong sandals and enjoy a bottle of corona with it.

Bottom Line: This product gives you comfort and fun at the same time. 

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21. Insulated Beer Bottle Zipper Covers

Insulated Beer bottle zipper cover

Beer is fun drinking when you drink it from bottle, it gives you feel, isn’t it? Here are some great sleeves for beer bottle that will give you more fun in your party.

These sleeves come with funny quotes on it, it is made up of 3MM thick neoprene material that helps to retain the taste of chilled beer. These are specially designed for beer lovers, very easy to fit in any bottle as these are made up of flexible material. 

Also this product has great durability due to its flexible material and when you are done with the drinking, instead of throwing the bottles away you can showcase the sleeves with the bottles in your living area or at the bar. 

Bottom Line: This beer gift is best for your friends, you can gift this without having a second thought in your mind. 
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22. Beer Belly – Beer lovers Gifts

beer belly

Who likes a beer belly, let us assure you this beer belly you will love it. This beer product is especially designed for someone who loves to enjoy his/her drink in public. 

This beer gift is very easy to carry, one can wear it under your tees and enjoy the every sip of the beer. The product claims that it can hold up to eighty ounces of hot or cold beverages and the maximum recommended height for wearers is 6 feet and 8 inches. 

This is one of the funny beer gifts that you can gift to your pals and let them enjoy the best feeling of having a beer belly. Just drink beer with no hassles and for less money. 

Bottom Line: It is perfect for the people who loves to sip the beer wherever they want. 

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23. Beer For Dogs

Beer for dogs

Why to drink beer alone when your dogs can give you the good company while drinking beer with you? Yes, this product is only for the dogs. 

Bowser beer is made up with 100% American ingredients, It is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beer which is really worthy for your dog. It has no salt, onions, or fat. This flavor Malt barley will help in keeping your dog’s fur healthy, good looking and it also includes glucosamine which are great for healthy joints.

After all who doesn’t want to drink a beer with their best friend. Just say hello to this pleasant Bowser Beer with a distinct flavor. It is like a liquid treat for your dog. It comes in 12 ounce plastic recyclable bottles with tamper-proof re-sealable caps. If you want your dog to not feel left out every time, buy this go to Bowser Beer So you and your dog can have a good time together. 

Bottom Line: This beer gift is amazing for the dog lovers, so that they can give this to their dogs. 

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24. Beer Keg Cooler

Beer Keg cooler
Planning an outdoor party? Confuse how to serve the chilled beer to your guests? Here we came up with something really effective and useful for your party. 

Beer keg cooler comes with 50′ stainless steel coil that helps to chill your beer and it contains 3/8-in OD tube also includes 48 quart cooler, two 3″ wall shanks with 1/4” barbed nipples, two 3″ faucet shanks, two chrome faucets, two black faucet handles, faucet wrench, and all necessary fittings. Comes with 1/4” barbed nipples ready to connect to your beer and air lines.

This cooler cools a greater volume of beer faster, requiring less applied pressure from CO2 tank. This product is not only beer cooler but also a beer dispenser with 2 taps for your ease.

Bottom Line: This product can be one of the best gifts for beer lovers. They are going to love drinking beer from this cooling dispenser. 

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25. Beer Bong Syringe

Beer bong syringe
Beer bong syringe is never going to haunt you like other syringe might do. This product is very much in demand in bachelor parties where they love to have adult accessories like this.

It is made up of good quality of plastic that is not going to harm you or the beer you store in it. Very easy to carry, it will easily fit in your backpack and you can carry anywhere you want.

This is specially designed for youngsters who loves to party like crazy. It will also going to help you to chuck full amount of beer and increase the chances of you winning the beer bong battle.

Bottom Line: This beer gift is amazing for the people who loves to party. 

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26. Bikini Beer Mugs

Bikini Beer Mug

Drinking beer is always fun but its more fun when you have a funky pair of glasses to drink your favorite sip and these bikini beer mug gives you a perfect kick to start your weekend. 

Each mug can contain at least half liter of beer at a time. It comes in two colors which are red and blue, you can choose your favorite bikini suit. The dimension of these mugs are 8″ H x 4″ W x 4″ D, 2.8 lbs, perfect for making any party cheerable. 

Forget about old styles of beer mugs try something crazy this time. This can be one of the best gifts for beer lover who loves to drink beers in mugs. 

Bottom Line: Bikini Beer Mugs are the perfect for the people who loves to drink beer in crazy mugs.  

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Wrapping up the Post

So, these are some of the most amazing gifts which you can gift to any human being who love beers more than anything. Not only these gifts are wonderful but you can also find them at reasonable prices.

We hope the above article “Beer lovers gifts” can help you in choosing a suitable gift for your loved one. Comment the best ones which you liked the most, Any suggestion is always welcome. 

Note: The listed above products are from Amazon.com and product prices can fluctuate, this website is not responsible if the price is increased or decreased.

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