15+ Essential Things You Should Not Buy Online

Things not to buy online

There are plenty of things which we should not buy online as you know there are lots of replica products circulating in the market and the worst part is that we can’t figure out those until or unless we have used that product.

Most of the people not even care of the products that they are ordering online, they just look for the cheap deals and want to order it as soon as they can but doing so will harm lots of things, Not only they can loose their health but its a big loss for our society too.

There are plenty of goods that needs to be avoided from buying online. Not every time buying online can be fruitful for you. So, better to step out from your homes and look out for the best on going deals at your nearest store.

We agree online shopping would be great to save your time, efforts and sometimes money as well, As most of the portals run promotions occasionally but there are lots of misconception  and to make it clear we have written the topic “Things You Should Not Buy Online”

So without wasting your time, let’s check out the things you should avoid buying online.

List of Online Things Not to Buy

1. Footwear


Footwear’s are a mandatory attire of your body wherever you go out or even inside the house. As you all know wrong size of footwear can harm your health so better avoid taking risk of wearing wrong size footwear.

Online shopping is easy for anything to shop, but footwear shopping is a real risk for you to take. Without trying it out how can you say the footwear is going to fit you correct and also you won’t be able to recognize whether you are spending your money on genuine branded product or on just a copy.

So, we never recommend you to buy online your favorite pair of shoes instead go for brick-and-mortar experience.

2. Beauty Products

beauty products

It is very important product line for all the ladies out there but along with that is it also important to take care of your skin by not using bad quality of products.

Now a days online shopping made life easy for everyone and for anything. But still there are few things those are not safe to buy online because you never know what you might receive in the package and how harmful it can be.

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There are many fake companies in the market those are selling same beauty products with the branded label at a very reasonable prices but be aware of these companies those are not at all worth spending your money and risking out your body. Better to avoid buying beauty products online and stay away from the fake world.

3. Mattress


Mattresses are one of the most important and useful product in our day today life. There are many options in the market for you to choose and each one has their own specialty.

Mattress is very common consumable product that can be purchased but it is also one of the things you should not buy online because it will be difficult for you to differentiate the comfort of each mattresses just by looking at the images and the description.

It’s very important to keep in mind your medication purpose before buying your mattress. You’ll get numerous option online but you will not be able to classify which one is the best for you. So, recommend you to not to go for a purchase of mattress online instead prefer physical store for better comfort.

4. Flowers


Flowers are the symbol of love and care, usually people greet with flowers on any occasion, whether its an event of joy or as a symbol of sympathy.

Though its generous to give fresh flowers instead of dried flowers and for that it is preferred to buy flowers from the florist in person instead of ordering online as they can suggest you the type of flowers according to occasion as well as you’ll get the fresh bouquet to go.

Bunch of the flowers can be one of the things you should not buy online so its better to head out and look out the best florist near you.

5. Medical Equipment’s

Medical Equipments

Medical equipment’s are very critical things that you should not buy online. These are very risky equipment’s and also it is quite difficult for the people to find the online marketplace to buy genuine medical equipment online.

There are few factors which you need to know before buying any medical equipment’s. Things like Blood sugar monitors, rescue inhalers, BP check monitor are very risky and dangerous for your health and you can’t compromise here.

You can’t take risk with your life by purchasing duplicate equipment’s from unauthorized vendors. Hence we recommend to buy these kind of products from your doctor’s suggested place.

6. Feminine Hygiene Products


Hygiene is really crucial topic for everyone to discuss and it is not ashamed to buy such kind of products from the pharmacy. Most people prefer to shop these kind of products online only to avoid public interaction.

There are many unauthorized organization who are producing similar kind of products at a cheaper rate to create their customer base. The experts recommend to consumers only purchase hygiene products from a company website or other reputable vendors.

It is very risky game to play with your hygiene so irresponsibly. Hence hygiene products are one of the online things not to buy.

7. Specs/Contact Lenses


It is way better to enjoy the view from your own eyes so its important to wear pair of glasses that is suggested by your eye doctor and it is always advisable to get your optical or contact lenses designed on the basis of your doctor’s prescription.

Many people think to buy their contact lenses online to avoid going on the store, which is not a good practice for your eyes health. You cannot say the lenses or the glasses that you ordered are going to match the number of powers you required in each of your eyes.

It is advisable to look out for the near by optical store for your contact lenses or a glasses and do not forget to take your prescription along with you. These are one of the things you cannot buy online.

8. Condoms


Now a days people are very lazy, they want everything to come to their doorsteps whether its a food or condom. As we all know buying condoms from online marketplace might be easy to get but what if you get expired product delivered?

Buying condoms online would not be a very good idea because you might get expired products delivered, manufacturing defect, unauthorized dealer etc.

Our safety is in Our hands, Most unwanted condoms brands are selling their products online and to avoid any circumstances request you to step out to your near by medical store “It’s better to be late than sorry.

9. Helmet


According to the source “Every year 1.25 million people are killed and as many as 50 million seriously injured in road crashes worldwideand mainly the reason behind the accidents are less safety.

As you know Helmet keeps you very safe while riding and it is mandatory to wear whenever you get on the road. You cannot place an order of helmet online without knowing the safety measures of helmet. It is very important to check the fitting of the helmet on your head properly, loose helmets are like no helmet on your heads.

There are lots of factors to check before buying the new helmets, so its better to avoid online shopping of helmets rather prefer official branded physical stores.

10. Car


Buying a car is one of the biggest dream in everyone’s life, it is very important decision to take when it comes to choose the perfect car for you and your family.

There are many options available online to acknowledge the characteristics of top cars, but these websites are only good for knowledge building not to purchase the items. As you might get to learn about the specification of each cars online but you won’t be able to try it on practically, therefore it will be very difficult to find out which car would be comfortable for you.

Instead of relying on online websites to purchase your favorite car and spend your all the valuable money is very risky, best move would be to go for a test drive on your nearest showroom try it on all the options available over there you might get some on going offers too. So do not get influenced by anyone to shop online for the cars as these things you should not buy online.

11. Perfume


Perfume is one of the most important essential now a days in our wardrobe, and choice of perfume is also very important to look into.

You might get huge collection of perfumes online and you may purchase also with great discount offers, but tell us one thing how are you going to decide the fragrance of your perfume by reading its description?. If you are willing to take a risk of buying it online then please note that you won’t be able to return your perfume after opening of the bottle.

So it is highly recommended that instead of wasting your money as well as your time on online websites until and unless you know the fragrance, go on a store and buy whatever fragrance you like on your body instantly.

12. Furniture


Furniture makes your place adorable and welcoming for your guests. It is very important to choose right piece of furniture suiting your interior and type of person living in that house.

There is no doubt that you can get any furniture online easily, but there will be few consequences that you might face while choosing the right one. You would not be able to say whether the color you see in the image is the right color you will get delivered, you won’t be able to feel the fabric, can’t recognize sofa’s depth from knee to hip, whether the cushion is soft or firm and many more.

Better to avoid these kind of confusions and visit your nearest furniture and feel every inch of your perfect furniture and then take the decision of buying it, because these are one of the kind of things that are hard to buy online.

13. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments

Some of us treat musical instruments as a God and for some these are life. People becomes very picky when it comes to music, they make sure that the instrument they are buying is perfectly playing all the cords required.

These are one of the kind of things that are hard to buy online because there are many factors that you should keep in mind while buying one, like you won’t be able to play and check the instruments to know its durability, credibility or efficiency, there can be delivery issue also where you might receive damaged product due to carelessness and won’t be able to return due to policy restriction, so your investment will be a dead investment on online shopping.

Instead of wasting your money and time we recommend you to go on physical for testing and buying the correct fit for your talent.

14. Medicines


One should always have medicines those are prescribed by doctors according to your health situation. Many people find a substitute of any medicine that they cannot find at pharmacy, which is not at all good call to take.

When you are not sure about your medicine at the pharmacy itself, then think about the genuineness of the medicines that you buy online. Medicines are not one of the things that you should buy online because you have no clue that the medicine written in your prescription exactly the same you are going to receive it or you might get expired product delivered to you in case of emergency, then what will you do?

So, it is better to avoid buying medicines from online websites, as those are not at all guaranteed products. Why to take risk on your health when you can go around to your near by pharmacy and get the medicines with proper check by you in person.

15. Lingerie


Choice of lingerie is very important for your body, wrong size can harm your health and shape of your body. Believe us that these are one of the kind of things that you should not buy online.

Buying lingerie online is very, you might get numerous collection and designs but you won’t be able to decide the size of your perfect fit. The only benefit you get from online shopping is to save some of your time and energy. You will always face no returnable issue with this segment, as this will be an hygiene concern.

So, buying lingerie online will be a waste of money and effort when you know the trail room fit would be better for you so step out your near by brick and mortar of inner-wear and buy your perfect fit.

16. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are your best friend on a sunny day, they protect you from UV lights, dirt-pollution, etc. Pair of perfect sunglasses enhance your look, so it is very important to wear that suits your face cut and for that you need to go on store to try it on.

Now a days online shopping made life very easy for everyone, you can get anything and everything but there are few products those are not meant to be shop online and sunglasses are one of them. And these are one of the things that you should not buy online because for some category physical touch and trial is really important to buy the product.

It is highly recommended to you all that don’t buy sunglasses online instead go out for a trial and purchase according to your face cut and personality.

17. Liquor


Liquor is very harmful for your health and we also don’t endorse that but still in case you are looking to buy any alcohol then we recommend you to choose the offline mode only.

There are plenty of reason why you should not consider buying alcohol online as you might get wrong delivery of bottles, fake alcohol can be a very big risk, there can be delivery issue as well where you might receive broken bottles of liquor and many online dealers also deal with expired product just to sell their stock. Also you will face problem in choosing the varieties of the alcohol because very few brands are available online.

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Hence, we do not recommend you to buy alcohol online as you know it would be quite risky and there are very limited stock availability options in online mode.

18. Pets


The decision of buying pets online should be taken care of because it’s just not a thing, it’s a living being that you will be responsible for your whole life. So better to make a friendly relation before having one.

Many people love to play with animals but it’s difficult to have them as a pet in the house and give your full attention to. It will be more difficult when you have no idea about the background of the pet or the pet owner. This will create only a stress for you and also for the pets who don’t even know to express their problems, so better you should avoid buying any pet online.

Buying pets online will not give you chance to get to know the animal very well, you will be unaware of the nature of the pet which can be dangerous. So we don’t think pets are the kind of things that you should buy online.

19. Electronic Appliances

electronic appliance

Electronic items are very sensitive to buy online, there are many specification that you should keep in mind before purchasing any electronic appliance.

You will not get any guarantee of your product delivery nor you will have any assurance of the product safety. You might receive damaged appliance to your place and worst will be when you won’t be able to return it as there are many companies who do not prefer the electronic items replacement or return policy.

That’s why we would recommend you to buy such kinds of product from any good branded store or from authorized dealers. You will also get various offers offline with your electronic appliance.

Wrapping up the post

Now that you have learned there are so many things that you should not buy online. Also, if your mind has other things which we missed in our blog then you should let us know in the comment section below.

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Note: Please buy any online products at your own risk.

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