Things Not to Give as Gifts to Anyone in Your Life 2021

Things not to give as gifts 2021

There are plenty of things not to give as gifts which are full of superstitions that you might not aware of. Gifts mean a lot to everyone. The right gift tells you’re thoughtful, observant, and you really understand the recipient. The wrong one, however, can tell just the opposite. So think a lot before giving gifts to anyone.

Different people have a different point of view, some are following one superstition and some another. There are a number of rules and regulations in this world that are being followed by people like us.

To choose between right and wrong, we are here with the facts supporting our advice in selecting things not to give as gifts. These gifts are really life savior for all the people who are looking for the gifts that need to be avoid.

After reading given points, you’ll wonder if you are giving a good gift or bad according to the superstition behind it.

Some presents or gifts are really bad. They should never be given to anyone. Even if you hate someone do not give these gifts. There might be any myth that can ruin their lives forever.

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So before you are ready to start searching for your gifts that need to be avoid, just have a look at this article which will clear your mind about “things not to give as Gifts”

Gifts Not to Give to Anyone 2021

1. Umbrella


If you are thinking to give the umbrella to your loved ones then we don’t think it’s a good idea. According to the Chinese people “Giving somebody, an umbrella may insinuate that you feel your relationship with them has fallen apart.”

Especially this is the gift which should not give at a wedding because it represents that a person is not happy with your decision. So, it’s better to avoid this unlucky gift on any special occasion. Though it is really important in the monsoon season, so it’s good to suggest to buy instead of gifting it.

2. Clocks


Giving a clock to someone means you are telling them their time has come and wishing them to die. In China, everyone avoids a clock as a gift. Its true clocks tell you the time and make your life easier but considering it as a gift will not be preferable for everyone especially for the Chinese people. To make it simple we also have written a very informative article which represents the gifting tips. You could check the article here: 20+ Gifting Tips

To check the time people prefer to look in their cell phones rather than looking at their watch/clock. It might not be a good idea if you are planning to gift a clock to your friends, Parents, or anyone then you need to think twice before giving it and look for another gift because it is something not to give as gifts.

3. Knife


If the recipient has an interest in cooking or cutting the vegetables & fruits then you must have an idea what to give them for the next occasion or on his/her birthday. Most of you have Knife, Kitchen cutleries, utensils or kitchen stuff in your mind but before you make the final decision we would like to tell you that Knife is a sign of bad luck and its not appreciable to give a knife as a gift.

The superstition behind gifting the knife is that it will cut the friendship between the gift donor and the recipient. So it’s better to avoid such gifts rather than risking your relation.

4. Scissors


Giving Scissors as a gift is a bad omen, According to the Oddrandomthoughts, “Never receive the gift of scissors unless you have compensated the person for them, So buying scissors is safe, receiving them as a gift is not”

People not even consider taking scissors from anyone’s hands directly instead they like to take it indirectly because it’s a superstition that scissors can make the differences between two people in a negative way also it is said that it’s unlucky to run empty scissors. So, giving a scissor as a gift is not a good idea because scissors are one of the things not to give as gifts.

5. Handkerchief


The handkerchief is the gift not to give to the others as it is believed that gifting a handkerchief will bring bad luck and misfortune. Also, it is used for wiping tears, so if someone receives a handkerchief as a gift will lose their tears always.

Chances of getting a handkerchief as a gift will become more when the gift-donor has seen you wiping your nose continuously, or most probably seen you crying in public.

6. Comb


There are many superstitious talks about gifting a comb to anyone, In Japan, it admitted as a curse for the people, because “Comb” means “Kushi” and that defines “you will suffer from a health issue and die soon”. So, it doesn’t give a good thought to give as a gift.

Some people also compare comb teeth with their relationship, they don’t prefer to be apart from their loved once just like the comb teeth. So, it’s better to avoid comb as a gift for anyone.

7.  Sharp Objects


Scissors, swiss knives and even cutting utensils that are common housewarming gifts should be avoided as gifts. In the first place, sharp objects are very dangerous and harmful for the recipient. Also, there is a fact that people believe in that sharp objects can cut things and break the relationship.

Also, it is very dangerous for the children in the house, they might cut themselves while playing. So, a sharp object is one of the things not to give as gifts.

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8. Black Clothes


Ancient People consider black is the symbol of pain and sadness, only preferred for mourning. People always wear black at the funeral so it’s better not to give black clothes as a gift to anyone.

The different community has a different perspective on the black color. Some people consider it an unlucky color but for a few, it is their favorite. When it comes to gift then you should avoid black clothes because its a thing not to give as gifts.

9. Shoes


It might seem silly but superstitions around the shoes are really unbelievable & unpredictable which vary from different cultures and traditions. In China, shoes should not be bought as a gift and people especially avoid giving it as a gift on their Chinese New Year because it represents bad luck.

Gifting shoes on christmas is also not a good idea so try to avoid shoes not to give as a gift. You can also read this article which is all about the things you should not give as a chinese new year gifts.

10. Mirrors


Most of the people give Mirror as a wedding gift and we all know that breaking a mirror means seven years of bad luck, which is why it’s so unlucky to give a mirror as a gift.

According to some superstition, breaking a mirror means breaking of the soul into pieces. The myth of breaking a mirror most likely evolved from the belief that the image people you see reflected back at you is a projection of the soul. So breaking a mirror mean risking injury to your soul, it sounds crazy but this superstition is true. So, avoid this thing not to give as a gift.

11. Pets


The decision of gifting pets should be taken care of because it’s just not a thing, it’s a living being that you will be responsible for your whole life. Many people love to play with animals but it’s difficult to have them as a pet in the house and give your full attention. It will not only be a stress for you but also for the pets who don’t even know to express their problems, so better you should avoid pets as a gift.

Giving Pet as a gift is unfair for the pet and for the owner too because you never know what kind of animal lover they are. So do not gift this as a gift and try to avoid as much as you can.

12. Calendar – Things not to Give Anyone 2021


In nowadays, no one is using a calendar when they are planning to go on a trip, vacation or some special date. People are now more tech-friendly, they have a calendar on their phone which they can access anywhere and everywhere. People refer a calendar not more than a series of images of kittens, horses, Bikini models, and many more. They use it for decoration purposes only.

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So giving the calendar as a gift is not a very good idea in today’s generation, as it is just a bundle of papers that are going to the trash after a year later, so better gift something memorable rather than a calendar.

13. Coal


It’s true that from coal you get the most precious thing that is Diamond, and that is the gift that people will love to have. But if you gift a piece of coal to anyone then you will get not so good reaction from them. Coal is a gift not to give to anyone.

According to a few websites “It’s also a tradition to give coal to bad children who misbehave with others as a punishment by Santa on Christmas”. So it’s good advice that coal is one of the things not to give as gifts.

14. Old Crockery, Pots & Pans


It might be your Mom’s favorite thing to have crockery as a gift but this thing has lots of superstition behind it. It is said that Crockery items like Pots & Pans easily attract evil spirits which can be harmful to the recipient. It’s very dangerous to gift such kind of things.

Nowadays people like to keep most of the crockery on their kitchen shelf so it doesn’t make any sense to give things like this, So try to look for the other alternatives and avoid this kind of gift.

15. Flower


Flowers are the primary thing that usually comes in the mind when you’re planning to gift someone something but people generally forget the fact behind these flowers that they should never cut these flowers from their stem and gift the bundle to anyone because it is usually given in funerals. Also, it is very important for you to choose the colors of flowers wisely because every color depicts a different meaning.

The Yellow Chrysanthemums and white color mostly used in memorial services & funerals. So try to avoid flowers as a gift which might become an unlucky gift for you.

16. Vacuum Cleaner – Things not to give as Gifts


The vacuum cleaner is a gift which should not give to the woman or a girlfriend, it really makes a bad impression on them. Similar to the feather dusters, mops, oven cleaner, and any other household cleaning products.

These gifts tell her that you see her as more of a maid than a girlfriend. Better to avoid these things to not give as gifts.

17. An Old Tin filled with Foodstuff


Old tin is the sign of old things which generally people don’t like to get as a gift, Give something helpful gifts which can help them in many ways. We have seen many people give gifts without thinking about the logic which is a very foolish mistake, you must have some thought when you are gifting something. You can’t gift just anything.

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So please avoid this thing not to give as a gift.

18. Re-Gift or Recycled Gifts


Giving used gifts always good for your wallet but, saving some money can hurt someone’s sentiments. Sometimes recycling things are not that good if its really obvious that you are gifting a used product.

People take it as an insult when they will receive used gifts from their friends or family it’s better these kinds of ideas you should keep aside because used gifts are the things not to give as a gift.

19. Empty Wallets & Purses


When you already selected the gifts for your loved ones and if its a wallet or purse then you must need to re-think before gifting this to anyone because giving empty wallets and purses as a gift examined a bit of bad luck.

If your partner really loves wallets or purses and you don’t have any choice then you could do one thing, there is a tradition in Italy, they don’t give empty purses or wallets instead they put a small amount of money or even a single coin which makes this superstition positive. So, if you are planning to gift wallets or purses then must follow our advice because empty wallets are the things not to give as a gifts.

20. Laughing Buddha


You all are scratching your head that buddha statues consider very lucky and why we are considering Laughing buddha as an unlucky gift?

Let us tell you about Laughing Buddha, The Laughing Buddha is called the Fat Buddha and in China, people call it as Ho Tai, Budai or the Chinese Buddha. It is a symbol of happiness and infinity. You can easily purchase Laughing Buddha from any market and give this as a gift but to clear the negative vibes you should always keep in mind the placement of Laughing Buddha.’

Always avoid the places like bathroom, Kitchen or any other inappropriate place to keep the statue of Buddha. Many people don’t know about this and so your recipient. So this is another thing not to give as a gift.

21. Voodoo Doll


It’s really exciting to watch black magic in reel life but hard to digest when it happens with your real life. Many people use Voodoo Doll for black magic and to attract negative energy. Giving a Voodoo doll can make your impression very bad in front of the recipient and harm your relation.

So, it’s not a good idea to gift Voodoo Doll as there are lots of myth behind it, Even in the horror movies, videos, TV series these Voodoo Dolls called as an evil and consider as a curse. Better you should not gift this to anyone.

22. Alcohol


Alcohol is a bad idea to gift someone until or unless you know the person personally. Not everyone loves to receive the bottle of wine, whiskey or even beers as a gift.

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There are various reasons that the person is not happy with the gesture of the recipient’s by choosing such gifts on any occasion. There might be a chance that a person is facing some kind of health issue that you are not aware of. Many people have their own personal reasons not to drink alcohol, So better avoid these kinds of ideas and hence we consider this thing not to give as a gift.

23. Opal Stone


According to WikipediaOpal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica (SiO2·nH2O); its water content may range from 3 to 21% by weight but is usually between 6 and 10%. Because of its amorphous character, it is classed as a mineraloid, unlike crystalline forms of silica, which are classed as minerals. It is deposited at a relatively low temperature and may occur in the fissures of almost any kind of rock, being most commonly found with limonite, sandstone, rhyolite, marl, and basalt. Opal is the national gemstone of Australia.”

It is considered one of the most unlucky gemstones that should be avoided as a gift. If the recipient is born in the month of October and their birthstone is an opal then you can think to gift it.

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24. Gloves


Gloves are the best accessory for men and women and definitely it protect your hands but this might not be something that you should gift to anyone. It’s a myth that gloves are not considered as a positive gift because in many places people say if you give gloves to anyone then you might end up fighting and you will lose the relationship.

It’s better if you avoid related products like a tie, cufflinks, belts, these are the things not to give as gifts so choose accordingly.

25. Meat Gift Pack


Food items are a really bad choice to gift anyone, and worse if the recipient is a vegetarian. You don’t know the packaging or quality of meat you have purchased, maybe it is perishable or overheated which might not be good for your health.

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This gift is only perfect when you know the recipient very well, the choice of his/her taste or if you really want them to taste something, instead of gifting prepare it and invite them on dinner, that will be the perfect idea to impress. If these conditions don’t match your requirements then avoid these things not to give as a gift.

26. Cotton Balls


Though it’s a very useful product for daily household work, and of course very important for medical activities. But surely not a thing to be given as a gift.

It is something that everyone will definitely have it their kitty instead, some people will feel weird to receive a gift a packet of cotton balls. So do not give this kind of gift to your loved ones, it could make the wrong impression of yours.


27. Candles


According to some people if you gift candles to anyone then you are burning the relation with the other person. In many places, it indicates you are gifting negative energy to them and if you know that candles are the main ingredient in Evocation, which is the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit, demon, deity or other supernatural agents, in the Western mystery tradition.

Though we don’t consider candle as a bad product, Candles can be helpful in many ways as it gives the light in the dark, you can decorate it with millions of ways. Also, candles come in several flavors and scent for both women and men. But preferably Candles are the gifts not to give to anyone.

28. Religious Or Political Gifts


Always keep in mind giving religious or political gifts can harm the relationship between the recipient and the giver. You don’t know which gift can hurt the sentiments of the others. People have different faith in their religion and they can easily get offended with any unusual circumstances.

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There are lots of traditions in every community that you don’t even know about which can create a big issue or a debating topic for the person that can harm both the recipient and the giver and also it can create the riots in the society. These kinds of gifts are considered as unlucky gifts. These topics are really personal and it can offend any person with your gift. Religious gifts are one of the things not to give as gifts to anyone.

29. Don’t Give Cash


Sometimes cash is not worth as a gift, Many people consider giving cash as a gift as an unlucky gift. In many cultures, people don’t prefer giving cash. Mostly in the case of children, it’s really bad to give them cash because you don’t know what they are going to do with it or what things they are going to buy.

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They might buy some illegal drugs or alcohol which will involve them in the bad company. So try to avoid giving cash instead of a gift. It’s better to give gifts which will be there forever to mark a presence of yours in others’ life.


So wrapping up the post. We hope this post will help you and you should avoid these things as a gift….!!!

In the end, we just want to conclude one main thing which is that we are living in the 21st century, still believing in such superstition is not acceptable. We will definitely support you if you want to give any gift to anyone, just give it with all your love and beautiful thought.

If you enjoyed this post, we’d be very grateful if you’d help to spread this wonderful post on your social media channels. Also, tell us which things you consider not to give as gifts in the comment section.

So, now you know your job very well. Share this article with your loved ones and avoid these things not to give as gifts.

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