Remarkably Simple Last Minute Gift Ideas 2021

Last minute gift ideas

Last minute gift ideas are the saviour for the people who always forget to take gifts & presents for their loved ones, we totally understand the situation of a person’s life who mostly been trapped in his/her life with the business meetings, schedules, deadlines and with the regular duties.

The pressure they deal on daily basis clearly clarifies that their memory will be weak and there might be chances that they’ll forget important days and things that are special in their lives.

Must check why gifting gift to your loved ones is really necessary.

List of valid reason why gift giving is important ?

For the people like those who are dealing with this concern, we’d like to share some informational hacks that will definitely remind them the special date and occasion in his/her favourite person’s life. There are plenty of applications & websites which will help you in reminding important events such as anydo, To do Reminder, google calendar. But this will also not work when your time is not good.

If still you don’t want to follow the mentioned hacks then you definitely have to read the complete article to know the best and relevant last minute gift ideas which you can give as per the occasion and the situation.

Don’t worry these are the saviour for you, whatever the situation is, These will definitely work.

Wandering from where you can get the gift for your loved ones in the last minute? Check out the list of Last minute gift ideas which are perfect for every type of people on this whole cosmos.

So, Let’s dig in the outstanding list of last minute gift ideas for her/him….!!

List of Last Minute Gift Ideas 2021

S.NOLast Minute Gift Ideas
1Recycle Gifts
2Home Cooked Meals
3Greeting Cards
4DIY Gifts
5Gift Cash
6Digital Gift Cards
7Bottle of Champagne & Wine
9Picture Collage
10Event Tickets
11Hotel Gift Cards
12Restaurant Buffet Deals
13Salon Gift Card
14Movie Subscription Idea

1. Recycle Gifts

recycle gifts as a last minute gift ideas

Recycle gifts are the life saviour for all the people who always are in hurry and not have a sufficient time to choose and think about the gift to give. There are plenty of things at your home which you can utilize and gift to your loved ones and to name a few things you can gift them the stuffs which you have never used or you have received those gifts but never thought of using it.

You can always have a look to your storage box, bed box and the place where you get such products that can be given as a gift to someone. We are so sure there are ample of things which are not being used by you, so it’s better to give them to someone who know how to use them and utilize it. Don’t forget to wrap it with the good gift paper because presentation is very important while giving any gift.

2. Home Cooked Meals

Homemade Meals

Home cooked meals are one of the fantastic ideas from the list of last minute gift ideas. Making something from your hand gives a unique care and love to the gift for anyone. You can make anything and pack it beautifully to give it an extra grace. You can cook cookie or chocolate cake. No problem if you don’t know how to cook, you can easily learn how to cook cookies at your home with the help of this video,

Just make some cookies and use any fancy box to keep it and give this home cooked sweet to your loved ones. If you are not able to find cookies box then must check this link from Pinterest which is all about the incredible design of cookies. Try something personal to gift this time.

3. Greeting Cards

greeting cards for last minute gift ideas

If you are a creative soul than this idea can fulfil your wish. Greeting cards are very easy and simple to make and this can be one of the best last minute gift ideas. At some point of time you all have created a greeting card for someone, lets recreate the memory and make one again for someone you love. Bring out your childhood talent that definitely help you in creating a greeting card.

One can also take the help of online websites which will help you in creating digitally greeting cards, sites like canva, Also there are freelancers who works for you to make anything you want also a greeting card in just few minutes. This would be the best thing to gift someone, to create a card from yourself will make it special for your loved ones.

4. DIY Gifts

Diy Gifts as a last minute gifts

DIY gifts are very interesting gift idea, it puts lots of your effort and love to the product. All you need to do is some research and show your creativity to form a gift which is going to be an amazing surprise and the best part is that it will be homemade, everything will be created by you which will definitely be appreciated by your loved ones.

If you’re you thinking to learn how to create DIY gifts & Cards, or looking for the ways to expand your creativity, then you should check this fantastic article which will definitely help you. So, this is also one of the perfect last minute gift ideas for someone who has everything and you can show your love and affection by creating handmade gift to give them.

DIY Youtube channels for learning DIY Gifts & Cards

5. Gift Cash

Cash as a last minute gift ideas

Sometimes giving cash is the only option left to give as a gift. Many people consider gifting cash to someone as an unlucky gift. In many cultures, people don’t prefer giving cash but in the situation like this where you have no other choice than to take out some cash at the last ticking hour of a party. There are any things that you should not give a gift to someone, check out what else you should avoid giving as a gift.

Things not to give as a gifts to your loved ones

But sometimes giving cash can bring smile and a satisfaction in the face of the receiver, because now she/he knows that they can buy whatever they like to buy from that gifted money. So, it can be one of the best last minute gift ideas to give to someone whose choices are very different and you are not very sure what to give them as a gift that they like.

6. Digital Gift Cards


Digital gift cards are not only easy to use and redeem but, also gives the recipient a freedom to pick and buy anything of their own choice. It comes at different price points to suit everybody’s pocket and needs. Apart from that, digital gift cards can be one of the perfect last minute gift ideas for her as well as for him.

Mind blowing Digital Gift Ideas that will Blow Your Mind

Most of the online retailers like Amazon, eBay and Walmart let you buy their digital gift cards online and their services are pretty reliable as well. You can choose the gift card amount on their website and purchase the card. After that you can directly mail to the recipient’s email ID as a digital gift

7. Bottle of Champagne or Wine

Wine and Champagne

A bottle of Champagnes or wine can be a very sophisticated gift idea and also it will not take your so much time to get it packed. The best part about this last minute gift idea is that you just need to visit your nearest wine shop and buy the bottle of wine or champagne of the recipient taste because it totally depends on the recipients preference what he/she prefer to drink.

You can also order online champagne or wine from relevant website and ask them to deliver on your recipient home. Here are the list of websites which takes order online such as,,

8. Flowers – A wonderful last minute gift idea


Flowers are the primary thing that usually comes in the mind when you’re planning to gift someone in hurry. It is one of the best last minute gift ideas that you should opt for. It’ll not take your much of your time to buy the flower as it is easily available on any near by florist. Always keep in your mind that while purchasing any flowers, it is very important for you to choose the colours of flowers wisely because every colour depicts a different meaning.

The Yellow Chrysanthemums and white colour mostly used in memorial services & funerals. So instead to taking tension of the gift in the last minute of the party, you can stop buy at the florist and the take the favourites flowers without wasting any time. You can also purchase flowers online and make it delivered at the recipient’s house. There are various services available near you, just google it “Florist near me“.

9. Picture Collage

Picture Collage as a last minute gift

We all love to collect memories and frame it for forever. Its good to give gifts those are useful so that one can use it well in their life. But its also important to attach some sentiments with the gift so that one can feel the love and care behind the gift. Picture collage is the best way to express your love for someone who is really close to your heart.

Inexpensive Gift Basket Ideas for Your Loved Ones’

Picture collage will not take your much time to think and also it will be very price effective gift. You just need to get some photographs of the person, collect special memories and make it a collage with some decorative. This will be the best last minute gift idea for someone who has everything. You can also take the help of online tools such as befunky, photo collage and many more to create the collage.

10. Event Tickets

EVent tickets

Event Tickets can be one of easiest and worthful gift to give someone who is a big fan of live concerts and shows. You just need to look for an upcoming concert in the town and check the availability date, probably weekends would be better option for all. You can take the help of an application to look for the ongoing concert, to name a few websites which will help you in buying event tickets online are eventbrite, stubhub, ticketmaster, viagogo etc

It can be one of the great gift for them to cherish their special day with their favourite performers. This might be not an expensive show-off gift but instead of going bear hand to the celebration, this can be one the best last minute gift ideas for your people.

11. Hotel Gift Cards

Hotel Gift Card

In this never resting world, no one gets time to spend some moments with their loved ones. Whether its your anniversary or your birthday, you always keep on running with some or another work. That’s why this last minute gift idea can be the best option to give to someone who would really appreciate it.

A suite in a 5-Star hotel can be one the best last minute gift ideas for someone who has everything but not the time to spend with each other. This gift would give your friends a special private time to cherish their relationship and remember it forever. You can always book a reservation by calling the hotels or purchasing the gift card from their official website.

12. Restaurant Buffet Deals

Five star food deal

When was the last time you went for a date or at a family dinner? Don’t remember, right! There is no doubt that people don’t enjoy having lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant. And when there is unlimited food supply, it’s like a crazy meal time. So, why not to gift a Buffet deal at a super fancy restaurant to someone who is super foodie.

You will very easily get all the deals on your Food app, you just need to check the booking details and book a table for your friends/family to enjoy their special by eating their favourite food. This can be one of the best last minute gift ideas for them and surely they are gonna love it.

13. Salon Gift Card

Salon gift card

You all must be wandering how can we forget this in the list of last minute gift ideas, Giving salon gift card can be very useful for the recipients as he/she can go to any of their favourite outlet and redeem that coupon.

Relaxing Gift ideas for your Loved ones

This salon gift card is also one of the best last minute gift ideas for someone who has everything because people always are very concern about their makeovers and giving them a gift card of salon will be appreciated by them. A small tip to get a gift card of salon, just head over to the official website of famous salon and look for the gift card option or you can visit the salon directly and ask for the gift card as well.

14. Movie Subscription Idea

Movie Subscription

These days movie subscription is not a luxury but a bare necessity and gifting movie subscription is not a bad idea to your loved ones. People love to watch movies and TV shows. We are so dependent on this video streaming app that imagining a life without movie is now impossible. You can choose from various movie subscription channels such as Netflix, hulu and many more.

If you think Netflix is quite costly then you can also gift the substitute of Netflix like HuluAmazon Prime and many other OTT subscription, This is again one of the perfect last minute gift ideas to give to your online friends or the loved ones who live far away from you.


So wrapping up the post. We hope this post helped you in finding the last minute gift ideas.

As you know we recommend everyone to be prepare for any occasion or special day which are special in your life and your loved one’s life. In the last moment you don’t have plenty of options left as there are very limited things available last moment. Also, it will make you feel that you are irresponsible and careless in your life. So don’t let anyone judge you, this time be pro in your arrangements.

We will definitely support you if you want to give any gift to anyone, just give it with all your love and beautiful thought behind.

If you enjoyed this post, we’d be very grateful if you’d help to spread this wonderful post on your social media channels. Also, tell us which one of the ideas you will consider as a last minute gift ideas in the comment section.

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