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This is the first post of Freakishland which is dedicated to all my friends and family. I’d like to say thanks to my mentor Mr. Rahul Gupta who motivates me in every phase of life. His vision and working capabilities are enough to boost any person’s mind. He is really a good person with a pure heart. His brain is always thinking of something, this guy is the face of many successful startups!!

First Post

The second guy I would like to mention is Mr. Dev Rathi who always showed me a light in the dark room. He is an internetholic person who loves the world of the Internet and believes that the Internet has everything you are looking for. He always believes in smart work, by profession he is a web designer & developer who gives the best to make things best. I bet you, you can’t find a mistake in his work. As you all know this famous quote “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders” dedicates both of them which lead us to make this project live. A big thanks from my core heart to these young entrepreneurs.

Without the support of my Family, Friends(Amit & Rohit) and of course my love (Shivangi) who always supported me in every situation in life, this project was impossible to launch without them. Their vibes are enough to give me the positivity and make me feel that I am the one who can do wonders. I’m blessed to have these people in my life. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have companions like you. Thanks for keeping trust & showing faith in me. This project is not possible without you all. Thanks a lot.!!

Also, I would like to say thanks to myself (Mr. Sumit Singh) that I can carry the responsibilities towards my family & friends during my hectic schedule also.

I am grateful to each and everyone who supported me. I am truly thankful to all. Thanks for making me the man who I am today.!!!!Thanks for making me believe in myself.

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