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Looking for the ideas to make your gifts more elegant & fashionable then read this ultimate guide covering 20+ gifting tips. Sometimes gifts are very important to address your feelings towards someone special to freeze the moment forever.

The gift will not value until and unless you will not value them. It’s very important to present your gifts in such a way that lasts forever in the mind of the person who is getting it. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage of your life you are in, You can make your gift fabulous with plenty of things around and for this, we have collected great gifting tips for you because presentation matters a lot.


From wrapping gifts in repurpose items to handmade things you have lots of options to carry on. For your help, we are here with a few gifting tips to increase your awareness about the ideas you can put together in making your gift ready. We have piled up the best ideas to make your gift more special and here are the best ways that will make your gift more unique and interesting for the recipients.

Digital Gifts for Your Online Friend

20+ Great Gifting Tips to Wrap Gifts

Gift Wrapping – Choose Your Wrap Wisely


Sounds very easy but the most essentials part for every gift which you are planning to give to your loved ones is how you are wrapping your gift to bring the curiosity for the recipient. People who are in a hurry always forget about gift wraps that are very miserable. If you want to create excitement for both the people who are giving and taking then wrapping a gift is a great idea.

It helps both parties to get involved in the scenario and the ratio of excitement is also proportional to both sides. There are lots of gift wrap design comes in the market which will amaze your partners and loved ones.

Check this out: “Homemade gift basket ideas for Christmas in 2019

Depending on the occasion, choose gift wraps accordingly. You will get gift wrap from various places like a departmental store, book store or one could easily order online from the online marketplaces. It’s very common & basic in gifting tips.

Add Handwritten Note – Interesting Gift Idea


There is no sweater surprise than receiving a handwritten wish from your loved ones. Give your gift a personal touch by adding a small card or a piece of paper with a thoughtful message on it, Maybe a handwritten note or a hanging card is the best option to go for.

There is something magical about handwritten words, they give us a sense of closeness that no form of communication in this high tech world can give us.

Make some time to write with your heart, hardly it will take a few minutes to give a meaningful look to your gift. Trust me this gifting tip is really important and makes the receiver happier. If you really don’t have time to write notes, you could check out the option handwrytten which will help you to choose a variety of cards. This handwritten platform service starting price is $3.50

Short Tip: Few more online services to choose the variety of cards – Click Here

Ribbons and Charms – Wrap your Gifts

Gift wrapping with ribbons are like a cherry on a cake, and it will depend on you how you are going to place it and where. It is the oldest method of gift wrapping yet very effective. Using contrast ribbons with the color of wrapping paper will entice your creativity.

You can use ribbons in different ways like creating a flower, making a bow and many more. If you are not a ribbon person then here are few replacements for you such as ropes, paper wires, laces, duck tapes, wool & net. And charms could be the perfect add-on to your overall presentation of your gift. So decide accordingly and add this gifting tip for your future reference. This article will definitely help you to give some tips, Check now! This gifting tip is quite very common and everyone follows it. Check out the solid color satin ribbon here.

Favorite Photos – Give more Personal Touch


Want to give a more personal touch to your gifts? If yes then adding favorite photos can be the best solution we can find so far. The only effort you have to do from your end is to find and select the favorite photos. According to the Gigaom “The average camera roll holds 630 photos and 24 videos“. It’s a huge number!!

To make it funny, you could also add a funny picture of the receiver, just take any childhood pictures of anyone and tease him/her in front of their friends and family. To win every moment this gifting tip is really good and convenient.

Make it Presentable with Flowers – Common but effective idea


A bunch of fresh flowers is also a unique way to make your gifts more pleasant and show your love. It is a perfect combination to give a fresh feeling to your gifts.

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It is very important for you to choose the colors of flowers wisely because every color depicts a different meaning. The Red color indicates true love and passion, Yellow color indicates spreading happiness and joy, The Pink which indicates similar to Red & White color mostly used in memorial services or bridal bouquets and so on. So before adding flowers to your gift, keep the recipient & occasion in your mind. With this gifting tip, you will definitely win the heart of the recipient.

Make your Old Clothes useful instead of Wasting Paper – Great Gift Idea


As simple as that, Paper is made from wood and wood comes from a tree, So if we are wasting paper that means we are wasting trees which will gonna cost our ecosystem.

So, stop using paper and start using your creativity with your old clothes that might you were thinking to throw it out like your old shirt which can wrap your gift in such a way that it can be a trendsetter for others. Bring out different items from your closet to make your idea of gifting more enhanced. This gifting tip will help to get rid of your old clothes and also you will save some money.

Personalized Gifting Bag – Paper Material


You won’t believe you can create so many things from a small piece of paper and one of them is personalize gifting bag which is an excellent way to add even more thought to a present and also a good chance to use your creative skills.

Instead of picking up those boring and impersonal, take a little extra time to make the gift bag special enough to be part of the gift. There are different materials that you can use in making your gifting bag such as cardboard, scrapbook paper, handmade paper, crepe paper, butter paper, wrapping paper, glossy paper, brown paper, chart paper, net, fabric, lace, unused/used boxes, etc. You could also check a short tutorial on this website which will help you to create a paper gift bag at home which you can use aesthetically.

Recycled Newspaper Wrap – Save time


Maybe you are not a daily newspaper reader but your newspaper can be useful in many ways and one of the best ways to reuse your newspaper is to make a gift wrap which will cost you nothing and at that same time will give a timeless look to your present.

The writing of the newspaper will get emphasize when you will combine it with beautiful ribbons & for kids you have a comic section of the newspaper that will give you a more playful look. You can also use magazines, old books, or vintage maps to wrap your gifts. With this gifting tip, you can recycle your old newspaper instead of throwing it in the dustbin and help the ecosystem.

Carton Box Style – Gifting Idea


Have you ever thought the bunch of boxes you have received from your online shopping can help you in your gift wrapping, if not then start using your imagination with the boxes and make it useful. It will be helpful for the fragile products that you are going to gift your family and friends.

Either you can decorate your boxes with different colorful papers or you can use your hands to paint them. If you are spending money on online shopping then take advantage and make it worth. This gifting tip will work wonders for you to pack big gifts and carry easily.

Vintage Scarf Wrapping Tricks – Unique Gifting tip


This gifting trick is really awesome, it will give vintage look to your present and also save your money and time in gift wrapping. This gifting tip is very effective for people who are fond of traditional and vintage stuff.

You just need a vintage scarf that you no longer wear and wrap your gift. One of the famous ways of using a vintage scarf is the Furoshiki Style which is an Art of Japanese Fabric Wrapping Style. You can check the tutorial of using the scarf for wrapping the gift here or else check the video. Check this vintage scarf on Amazon.

How to wrap a gift with Scarf

A Perfect Gift Basket – Enhance the feel of Love


Who doesn’t like a basket full of gifts! whether it’s a sweet and salty gift box or a box full of pickles. Its a hybrid of experience and a traditional gift. The main goal of this gifting tip is to create a collection of the products that your beloved likes and that will count as an experience for them.

Learn how to create DIY Gift & Cards

There are a lot of options that you can put together to make it a beautiful bunch to gift such as spa gift set, snack attack gift set, crate of caramel apples, breakfast box, BBQ Grill set, Food Basket, Cheese and Crackers set, Holiday Dog Treat set, Bath and Body Basket, Beer Bucket, Signature Chocolate Basket and many more.

Handcraft your own DIY gifts – Show Creativity


It’s a great gifting tip to make your gift more meaningful than just cash. Grant your friends and family that extra special feeling of the handmade present that carries special meaning. They will definitely appreciate your gesture no matter what the gift is.

There are plenty of DIY creative gifts for everyone from coasters to cupcakes t0 potted plants. Always keep in mind that the best gifts are both personalized and practical.

Be Classy with Monograms: Unique Gift Idea


It’s a very classy way to name your gifts either with the numbers or with the initials of the recipient. Personalized monograms will reflect your personal style or that of your recipient in a perfect way.

Whenever in doubt put initials on your gifts and practice your crafting skills with this gifting tip. These initials will act as a little mark on the world. It is very rare to see people using this kind of gifting tips while sharing gifts.

Wax Seal – Give them a Royal Feel


Why not put some royalty in your gift while giving it to your loved one. Wax seals are great ways to add texture to an invitation or to the gift wrap. Wax seal can bring elegance to the most basic wrapping paper or on an envelope. You can combine wax seal with the calligraphy which will make a simple gift box stand out and can add an authentic mystery to whatever you choose to seal. This gifting tip will always work to bring the curiosity in the recipient about the gift.

Here you can learn about the wax seal and how to create it for your usage and you can also make a peal off wax if you create it on a silicon mat.

Engrave the Name – Special for House Warming


Its an immense amount of pressure every holiday season to come up with great gift ideas. This time make your gift more relatable to the person whom you are gifting to by giving an engraving effect on the gift. There are so many one-of-a-kinds presents out there, which is why personalization like engraving is a key.

There are many benefits of engraved gifts such as no one else will have given the same gift, it shows you have really put some thought in it and it will be a memorable gift to treasure forever. Engrave gifts are the world’s most unique collection of personalized gifts, for any occasion, be it weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, house warmings and much more. This comes in the category of great gifting tips so give this a try.

Go Green – Unique Gifting Idea


A little touch to greenery brings the gift to life. Bring the outdoors in with this simple and stylish gifting tips. Greenery pairs with any color wrapping paper but preferably with white would go classy.

You can also put an add on to the greenery with a photo, Polaroid or an Instagram print to compliment it. Wake your inner DIY lover and turn a simple craft into something unique by tying a leafy stem alongside a gift. Play around with the material and head out to your local park and pick something that can go really well with the type of gift packing you are planning to do. If you are planning to gift on environment day then wrapping greenery would be the addon.

Embrace with Calligraphy – Unique Gift Tip


The old fashioned way of writing with a fountain pen was always loved by people. Calligraphy can easily add elegance to any gift. You can do big and expressive calligraphy on a brown wrapping paper and finish it off with the ribbons.

Calligraphy is nothing, but just a way of making your letters more impressive and attractive which will enhance your writing more beautifully. This gifting tips will always work on the people who find joy in these kinds of little things and appraise it.

Play with Prints – Interesting Gift Idea


Use different prints to make your gift wrap more playful because sometimes its what on the outside that counts. Wrapping is the best part of a gift, show your friends and family that how much you care about them by getting creative with your gift wrapping.

Instead of wasting money and time in decorating the gift wrap, you can use this gifting tip to enhance the presentation of the gift, because the first impression lasts long. With the help of this gifting tips, you can also show some innovation by making prints on your own, create different motives with the help of tools.

Gift Tags – Give your Gift a NAME


Tagging your gifts is always fun where you can address some meaningful thoughts of yours and it will also give you a tremendous way to finish off your beautiful gifts. Gift tags will add an extra special touch to your gifts. These tags look great and will a few minutes of your time to print them and attach them to your gifts. It will be more convenient for you if you take the print out a sticker paper.

Try to create something simple and clean. If you don’t have much time to create your own tags then you can get many referral tags online to download, you can directly download and take a print out and hang with colorful Twine.

Washi Tapes are the Saviors


This gifting tip is the easiest way to decorate your gift, the use of washi tapes is the easy and decorative way to add a special touch to your gift wrapping. They are available in various themes, patterns, and width, simple cut and paste to anything to bags, boxes, and cards to make your gift wrapping more innovative.

Washi tapes are originated in Japan, its a type of masking tape made up of paper that comes in different colors and patterns.
So, try to give your gift a great look with Washi tapes. Also, Washi tape DIY projects are fun and easy to make, there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet to use the washi tapes perfectly. Discover ways to decorate your gifts and presents by using colorful and patterned washi tapes. It is very popular that you can buy this from any online marketplace or any nearby stationery. Check this Washi tapes at Amazon.

Eco-Friendly Touch – Unique Gift Idea


Always keep making efforts for your planet, this unique gifting tip is not only the savior but it can affect the eco-system too. If you are a nature-friendly person, then this gifting tip might be your favorite one. Keeping in mind the sophisticated, neat and clean look without any waste, exploitation and environmental impact is not easy to pull off.

The best way to fulfilling all the needs is to go with Eco-friendly wrapping ideas, there are many ideas for you here which you can implement and come up with a new trend to run.

Our Recommendation:

From our end-all gifting tips are great but to make things easier, We will say go with the handcraft DIY gifts, Present with the flowers, Add handwritten note.

That’s it!!

These gifting tips are enough for you to get an idea to wrap the gifts, if you have any other gifting tips idea in your mind which is not covered in this post then please share your thoughts in the comment section, we will definitely try to add those points in our upcoming post. Also, please let us know your favorite unique gift tip.

So wrapping up the post, if you liked this article then don’t forget to share this with your freaky people.

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