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Digital gifts in this era are nothing short of a blessing in disguise, as most of the people these days have a pen friend/online buddy that they have never met or in some cases, the significant other gets shifted to some other place abroad for studies or for job purposes.

Stay tuned with us as we reveal some amazing digital gifts available online that are appropriate to send across to your loved ones at any and every occasion.

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The below mentioned digital gift ideas are not only helpful for loved ones living far off from you but, are also a life saviour for people who have little to no time on their hands due to other prior work commitments. These instant digital gift ideas would help such people to surprise their family and friends on their birthdays and anniversaries without clashing with their busy schedules.

If you have any other suggestion regarding good digital gifts, do let us know in the comment section below! 

Let’s begin,

List of Best Digital Gift Ideas 2019

1. Digital Gift Cards – Amazon, eBay, Walmart


Being one of the best digital gifts, electronic gift cards are just like your plain old physical gift cards. Differing only in the sense that these come with a special digital code which can be mailed to the recipient for easy redemption and purchase by them. Digital gift cards are not only easy to use and redeem but, also gives the recipient the freedom to pick out something with their own choice. Digital gift cards come at different price points to suit everybody’s pocket and needs. Apart from that, digital gift cards make for excellent digital gifts for her as well as for him.

Most of the major online retailers like Amazon, eBay and Walmart let you buy their digital gift cards and their services are pretty reliable as well. As is clear from above, digital gift cards are a suitable option no matter if you are looking for digital gifts for her or for digital gifts for him. These digital gift cards make for awesome digital birthday gifts too.

2. Ebooks


If you are looking for a digital gift idea, keep in mind that almost all of the major E-Book stores now have an option to give these books as digital gifts online to your near and dear ones. An E-Book or an Electronic book is an online digital file that can be downloaded on any E-Book reader or even your mobile app and tablets and can be read on the go. With the advancement in technology and the new-age need to save paper, E-Books have gained maximum popularity and a devoted fan base in a little time after their launch and have replaced paperbacks to a huge extent. If your online buddy/partner loves reading then, an Electronic book is one of the best digital gifts online for you to gift them. 

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One of the major advantages of giving E-Books as a digital gift instead of paperbacks is that it saves the cost of shipping and these E-books get delivered within minutes after purchase to your online account wirelessly from where your giftee can download it and start reading right away! Some of the best E-Book stores are Kindle Books, Nook Books, Apple Books, Google PlayBook, Kobo, etc. 

3. Netflix


According to Netflix, they have over 148 million paid memberships in over 190 countries and only 124 million are paid members and 60 million in the United States, and over 154 million subscriptions total including free trials, read more about Netflix. These days, Netflix is not a luxury but a bare necessity and gifting Netflix subscription is not a bad idea as a digital gift. People love to watch movies and tv shows, the research found the average Netflix customer spends 10 hours per week on the platform which is a huge number. 

We are so dependent on this video streaming app that imagining a life without Netflix and Chill is now impossible. It makes a great digital gift idea to surprise your beloved with. Check their official website and explore the new tv seasons and movie shows. 

4. Steam Gift


Steam is a website that lets you send games across to your gaming buddies. All you need to do log into Steam, select a Steam Friend and a gift amount, and rest of the work can be taken care of them. It just works like gift certificates, which can be redeemed on Steam for the purchase of games, software, hardware, and any other item you can purchase on Steam. 

This is an excellent platform to please your video-game addict boyfriend with, this is one of the best digital gift ideas while choosing digital gifts for him or for her if she is a gamer. We must recommend all of you to gift a card from this website. Get more information about Steam Gift Card HERE.

5. TheraBox – Monthly Gift Boxes


Register your lady love up for a box of little ‘me time’ every month and watch your relationship bloom and flower like a lily whilst you are physically away from each other. If you are confused amongst different companies, you can try TheraBox which delivers a gift box full of 7 self-care and wellness supply each month.

TheraBox which gives you the subscription box and delivers new ingredients of happiness straight to your door is the great example of digital gifts which one can give it to online friends or partners who spend most of his/her time on the internet. We must recommend this digital gift that you should choose while gifting digital gifts. Take a preview of TheraBox subscription box here. If we talk about the best digital gifts, this one certainly tops the list.

6. Paid Apps, Gift Cards from Google Play Store


If your buddy has been talking about a certainly paid app for a long time, you can buy it for him/her as a gift and make the world a happier place for them to be in. Google Play is a great option to look for. They give you the opportunity to gift apps and gift cards to your loved ones in just a few steps.  

Downloading apps from the Google play store is very easy and simple. You just need to open the Google play store and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction and get the app or the content. If you are unable to download it then must check this link. This is an excellent Instant digital gifts idea and works without a fail every given time. 

Visit Official Website

7. iTunes Gift Card


Apple who is a giant player in the category of smartphones and known as the world’s largest technology company by revenue and one of the world’s most valuable companies on the earth. If your online mate loves music, this gift is sure to win their hearts.

One could easily gift the iTunes card by email and it can be redeemed on the iTunes Store, the App Store, and Apple Books, and toward Apple Music subscriptions. Just send them the gift of love in the form of apps, books, TV shows, songs, and more. If you have any questions in your mind then you could check their official website from where you could purchase the gift card easily and gift it to your apple users beloved. It is one of the good digital gifts that are not only easily accessible but, also makes your life convenient and organized.

8. Audible Gifts


Audible sells digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers. This company is owned and trusted by Amazon with millions of users globally so you can count on privacy, security, and satisfaction without any hesitation. If the receiver has a good habit of listening while driving, jogging, cooking etc then this digital gift is something to consider. They have over 200,000+ audiobooks in the library which is very huge collections of audio, simply select and listen to the audio anywhere.

An audible gift membership will make those happy who are already Audible enthusiasts and at the same time, enlighten others who haven’t discovered this gem yet. Audible digital gifts make for good digital gifts especially for the people who are always short on time and love to multitask. For more information, you could check their official website where you could know more about this website.

9. TaskRabbit


You can find people on task rabbit to run errands for your loved ones and help them complete their tasks. This is one digital gift that will not only de-stress your loved ones but, also help them to settle in a new city or a country. 

This is one good helpful digital gift that you can give to your people and make their life easy and fast. Instead of gifting something useless Its better to gift such digital gifts that are always easy to avail and useful according to the recipient.

10. Amazon Prime


Who doesn’t love to watch latest & exclusive movies & TV shows in high quality with low data usage and without any ads? We guess everyone love to do. Such kind of services by Amazon prime is the common between the users and you can take advantage of their services or gift them by just spending a few dollars from your pocket. If the person has a great interest in watching movies and tv shows then this digital gift is a great idea to choose for. 

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Not only your recipient can enjoy this for watching movies stuff but also they can get free 1-day shipping if they purchase something from Amazon.com. Also, they give other benefits to their prime users. Without a doubt, this is one instant digital gift that you can never go wrong with. Check out the latest collections of movies and tv shows on Amazon Prime Videos

11. Uber Gift Card


Uber which operates in 76 countries and 450 cities worldwide has also an option for the digital gifts which you can give to your online friends and partners. Uber which is very famous worldwide and has a big customer database users in the United States of America. You could easily purchase a gift card from their official website or here.

All you need to follow the instruction mentioned on their official website also you have the option to choose the form of the gift card, whether it should be a digital card which you can send through email. The second one is “Physical Card” which one can send as a traditional mode. You need to enter the full address of the receiver, also there are flexible shipping options available where a customer can avail benefits anytime. Gifting your mates free Uber rides via an Uber gift card will show them that you care deeply about them and cannot get them off your mind. Whether you are looking for digital gifts for him or for digital gifts for her, a free Uber ride will never disappoint you.

12. Digital Art Gifts


If you are a digital artist, sending a digital art gift should come as a no-brainer to you. Even if you know nothing about digital art, you can still hire a professional to do a meaningful art for you to send across to your online mates. 

This unique gift idea can attract your loved ones who are really into creativity.

That’s it!

Now wrapping up the post, We have mentioned the best digital gift ideas 2019, you could gift it according to your partner needs and interest. If you have any other questions related to this post, kindly write to us at contact@freakishland.com

Hope you found this article on digital gift ideas and it made for an interesting read. Let us know if we were able to help you find the best digital gift ever in the comment section below. Also, tell us your next digital gifts which you are going to gift to your loved ones. 

Till the next time, Enjoy and Happy Gifting !! 

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