11 Great DIY Youtube Channels For Learning DIY Gifts & Cards

best DIY Youtube Channels

Are you thinking to learn how to create DIY gifts & Cards? or looking for ways to expand your creativity. If your answer is YES, then this article is might for you.

In this post, we are going to discuss 10 Great Youtube channels where people are learning about DIY Gifts & Cards, Invitation cards, home decor ideas and many more.


As you all know YouTube is the big platform designed for sharing videos used by millions of users. There are around 11 million Youtube channels that feature different industries and niches. You can’t bookmark or save all the important Youtube channel specialized in a specific niche or industry. To make things easier we have collected the 10 best Youtube channels from where you can learn DIY gifts and cards.

So, let’s have a look at the best DIY youtube channels 2019.

DIY Youtube Channel Names

1. 5 Minute Crafts – One of the Most popular Youtube Channel

This is the all-time favorite Youtube channel for learning DIY projects, gifts, crafts & experience and even we are totally in love with this channel content. The best part is that they joined youtube in Nov 2016 and the audience size they owned on their channel is really interesting and incredible. Right now they have a fan base of a 57M subscriber which is a really huge number.

They will teach you creating art & craft from any unuseful stuff, from Kitchen hacks to Nail hacks to useful hacks, they have covered everything. Their creativity level makes this youtube channel worth to watch and we consider this best home DIY channel to learn tips & tricks.

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 57,353,644  subscribers

Official Website: No official website

2. Scribble – The Best Youtube Channel to Watch

The name of this channel depicts all that they want to show. The true meaning of scribble is to write and draw carelessly and to prove it they have the great DIY Youtube videos from which you can learn.

With a subscriber of 269K, this channel joined Youtube dated on 3 Feb 2011 and this channel is worth in the list of DIY Youtube channel names. At this Youtube channel, you’ll find loads of practical arts & crafts videos which are best for learning DIY Gifts & Cards. Also, you could find step-by-step art and craft videos, from painting and drawing to sewing and sculpturing on this channel. They also have a website where you can check art & craft materials for your usage just type videojug.com and explore unlimited creativity.

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 269,782  subscribers

Official Website: VideoJug.com

3. CraftLas

This channel has a lot of content to learn from, Craftlas is the great DIY channel for the people who are learning arts, Paintings and craft videos. The videos on this channel are really interesting and informative, they make easy and cost-effective festive art & craft video from where you can learn plenty of ways to create art & craft.

The best part of this DIY Youtube channel is that they transformed the old waste into useful stuff which is the best part we liked. There are so many creative and innovative products that can be made from waste items and this is the jackpot for the people who hate to throw away any products that are for no use. Consider this DIY channel and learn creativity in a unique way.

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 231,093 subscribers

Official Website: No official website

4. Paper Mart – Learn DIY Tips

Another channel “Paper Mart” is also the DIY youtube channel which teaches the great tips for learning DIY gifts and cards. They are in the market from the last 95 years which is their family business, keeping in mind the buzz of social media they started their Youtube channel in 2007. They don’t have that many subscribers but their content is really great.

The topics they have used in their videos are really awesome. Videos like ribbon tricks, glitter stars, DIY gifts are the ones which you can see on their channel. We must recommend you to check their channel once. If you want to get in touch with them or need to ask any gifting tip then mail them at info@papermart.com

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 25,922 subscribers

Official Website: https://www.papermart.com/

5. Crafty Prapty

Crafty Prapty’s logic is very simple that they always say remember 3 things while creating art & craft “if you think creative, try creative, do creative” then only you can make a beautiful craft.

At this DIY Youtube channel, you will find the videos related to DIY easy mugs/cups decoration, DIY wall art, DIY key ring, explosion box, etc. This channel is only 3 years old and they also have an associated channel with the name of “Crafty Prapty Creative” which is new but you can take a reference for DIY gifts from there also.

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 455,835 subscribers

Official Website: No Website

6. BuzzFeed Nifty

Looking for ways to create a Pom Pom, DIY gift cards, DIY hidden seat hacks, DIY gift hacks or so on then must have a look at this popular youtube channel “BuzzFeed Nifty” with the 1.5M subscriber’s list. Their content is really awesome and informational which will teach anyone to become a professional of DIY gifts & Cards.

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The most interesting thing about this DIY youtube channel is that they have 3 more youtube channels linked named as Tasty, Goodful, Bring me. With 14M subscribers, this tasty Youtube channel teaches about food recipes and instruction. The second channel Goodful is for all your healthy lifestyle needs, from food to fitness and everything. The third channel which is named as Bring me is for showcasing the locations, thrills, and experiences around the world that’ll make you wow.

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 1,547,206 subscribers

Official Website: No Website

7. Artkala

With 945 videos they have created a great profile in the industry of DIY, This channel is all about DIY, lifehacks, tutorials, nail arts, and other best home DIY awesome hacks.

The best part of this Youtube channel is that they convert old and useless materials into creative and useful stuff. On this channel, every DIY tutorial is easy and simple to learn. It is perfect for beginners who are looking to learn DIY Gifts & Cards. Simply follow the steps they are showing in the video and create your own DIY gift card. If you want to learn gifting hacks then you must consider this DIY Youtube channel.

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 2,334,262 subscribers

Official Website: http://www.artkala.com/

8. DIYlover – Great DIY Youtube Channel

DIYlover is created for DIY lovers like you. On this channel, you get to learn many DIY gifting ideas that you will love to explore. With 879K subscribers, this channel has a lot of content which can make you a pro in creating art & craft. Here you will find the videos related to DIY fashion, decor, tips, and hacks.

From 2013 they are sharing an informational & inspirational gift ideas with the medium of this Youtube channel. Learn the classic DIY style to create gifts, crafts, life hacks and more. Check out their latest video which is about gifting box suitable for BFF, boyfriend & Girlfriend, Husband & Wife, Brother & Sister, Parents or birthday occasion.

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 879,031 subscribers

Official Website: No Website

9. TheVentunoart

Learn easy DIY art and craft on this channel. Each and every video on this DIY youtube channel is a perfect recommendation for you to make your DIY gifts & cards. The total number of views “The Ventunoart” has 125,032,969 which is really a great achievement in this niche. They are sharing art and craft tips since 2013.

They have huge video collection like Glass bottle Painting, DIY paper roses, Papercraft, DIY wall hanging decor, DIY gift cards, Handmade paper crafts, Dressing table organization, wooden beads jewelry, home decor ideas, newspaper wall hanging, Key chain crafts and more. The unique video we found on this channel is Doodle art which is really a must watch the video to learn DIY art and craft.

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 1,013,174 subscribers

Official Website: No Website

10. Simon Says Stamp

Simon Says Stamp is not only the DIY Youtube channel but they offer you the best online selection of Rubber Stamp, Altered Art, Scrapbooking, Artist Trading Card, Card Making and Paper Crafting products worldwide. You can shop at great prices from their official website.

Things you could see while surfing on this awesome Youtube channel are stencil arts, paper cards, stamp kit, color coordination, art impression, flower card, snail mailbox, Happy birthday Card and many more. They are always open to your creative ideas and suggestions for their channel so do not hesitate to recommend anything to them.

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 107,487 subscribers

Official Website: https://www.simonsaysstampblog.com/


11. Eternal Stationery

Eternal Stationery is an Australian company that designs and produces personalized invitations and matching stationery for any occasion. You could find the stunning DIY videos on this channel, where you can learn art and craft just in a minute. Wedding cards, Christmas cards, DIY pocket invite, chipboard, and many more card designs are the main category of this channel.

If you want to send some handmade gift cards or invitation cards then taking reference from these videos is a good idea. There is no rocket science to create gift cards, you just need to replicate the process that they are showing in the videos.

Total no. of Subscriber for this DIY Youtube Channel: 39,332 subscribers

Official Website: https://www.eternalstationery.com.au/

Ah! we guess we have covered plenty of Youtube channels which will help you to learn DIY Gifts & Cards. Learn from these outstanding Youtube channels and try to make your gifts more classy and beautiful.

So ending up the post. In the last line, we just want to mention one thing these Youtube channels are based on the number of subscribers and views on the videos on their channels. We have not promoted any channels by doing any collaboration or any sponsorship.

Thanks for reading this post.

Tell us your favorite channel in the comment section. Also, Share this wonderful article on your social media and let this post reaches to the people who are looking for the best Youtube channels for learning DIY Gifts & Cards.

Note: The subscriber we mentioned above are not permanent, they change by day & day.

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