10+ Surprising Gift Ideas for Your Female Friend 2021

Gift Ideas for Females 2021

There are several gifting options available when it comes to girls. Some may say that girls are not that easy to impress and some say they just get astonished by a box or a bar of chocolate, by the way, both are true. A plethora of options are available when it comes to gifting girls.

Give her the extra pampering that she deserves for being so kind and gentle, yet tough and strong, for being your shoulder to lean on, for being the one you can confide in.

Treat her well and watch your beautiful relation blossom like never before. Our handpicked range of gifts is colorful, attractive, mesmerizing, and unique, hence will surely impress her immediately. With lots of research and planning, we bring to you the mind-blowing collection of unique gifts such as PendantsCosmetics HamperPerfume Hampers, candles, and many more.

Gift Ideas for a Female Friend 2021

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is the best gift for your friend. Remind her how special she is to you and what she means to you. There are several options when it comes to jewelry.

You can either gift her one from the market or can also gift her the customized piece. Earrings, anklets, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. However, the one gift that women generally appreciate the most is jewelry.

2. Chocolates- A gift for Someone Special

Chocolates are the best option to gift when you are confused about what to gift. This is the only gift that will never get out of fashion no matter what happens. It always manages to swirl its magic wand and has its way with women of any age. 

The best part about gifting chocolates is that they can work for any occasion may it be a birthday, a housewarming, or any other thing. All you have to decide is that you want to give a big box of chocolates or just a bar whichever suits you best. 

3. Something she’s been wanting to buy

If you are gifting something to your best friend or your girlfriend, it is a possibility that you might know many things about them. There is also a possibility that you might know what she’s been trying to buy for a very long time and wasn’t able to do so.

Here, come you in action. This is the best instance to give the present. This way you will be the good guy who knows about her needs and takes care of them. Moreover, your gift will be unique as well. 

4. Cosmetics of her favorite brand to unleash her inner Makeup Artist

There are loads of girls in today’s time who love make-up. If it’s a birthday or any kind of anniversary then without giving any second thought, cosmetics of her favorite brand are the best and easy option available.

This is the best present both for your girlfriend and for your best friend as well. They’ll love it and you’ll become their hero without much ado. 

5. A Set of Scented Candles

It is the best unique gift for your friend. Be it her house-warming party or she’s been moving to college, this gift will always remind her of you and she’ll not feel alone knowing that you are always there for her. It can bring her comfort in the days of despair. 


Scented candles are the most popular type of candles purchased today. These candles can influence your mood and provide lighting. In-home improvement, candles can uplift the look and aesthetics of any room, especially those that are beautifully designed.

6. Bonsai(Plants)

Bonsai’s literal meaning is “planted in a container” or “tree in a pot”. If she is fond of nature and loves to have small plants around her, then bonsai plants are the best and unique gift ideas for her. Bonsais’ are used to create a miniaturized and realistic representation in the form of a tree. 

As we all know plants are always a great gift for others because they will be long-lasting if it is going to be kept well by the recipient. Apart from this, plants are gifts that offer a personal touch. For you, giving others gift plants show that you treasure the relationship between you and the recipient.

7. Books- All things Romantic and Full of Suspense

Books are the evergreen gifting options for her. Gift her the book of her favorite author, favorite genre and she is all happy and ecstatic again. She will love and keep that book as nothing else matters.

Digital Gift ideas

That book will always remind her of you and the special bond you both share even if you both live in different cities now or the connection has been lost or faded. Books always have the potential to keep the roots of a relationship intact even if it is not there anymore. 

8. A Subscription Pack of thing she loves or a Gift Card

Giving the subscription pack of something she likes or a gift card is the most stand-out way to tell her that you care. She’ll always cherish that as it is because of you she’ll enjoy herself more which otherwise she won’t get time for. This small gesture of yours will only remind her that how much she means to you and how special she is to you. 

Digital gift cards are not only easy to use and redeem but, also give the recipient the freedom to pick out something with their own choice. Digital gift cards come at different price points to suit everybody’s pocket and needs. Apart from that, digital gift cards make for excellent digital gifts for her as well as for him.

9. Everything Leather

As they say, diamonds are a women’s best friend. Well, nothing’s changed in this; diamonds are still a womens’ best friend. In addition to this nowadays, leather has also subscribed to this list.

There are numerous options available for this category. You can gift her a handbag, a wallet, a clutch, etc. whatever you feel like. But just make sure it has lots of pockets in it because you know when it comes to pockets, women tend to be very profound, the more the merrier. Girls love the stuff which has lots of pockets in it because you know girls are always short of them. 

10. A Wooden Box of Handmade Scroll, Letters, and Promises 

As they say that if you want to impress a MAN give him food. Let me tell you a secret when it comes to GIRLS nothing impresses them more than the creativity, efforts, and imagination a guy puts behind a gift he is going to give her. If you gift her something handmade, her heart will melt just like a candle. 

A wooden box of handwritten scroll telling her what makes her unique and different from others and what you like about her and why you adore her along with the letters telling her why she should be yours accompanied by the promises that you make to her, and VOILA! See the magic. The look on her face will tell you what she is feeling about it.

 If it’s her birthday you can add the messages from her friends which should also be handwritten by them. This is not only a unique gift for her but also the most memorable one. 

11. Fragrances

Here’s a tricky gift. Fragrances have been in use for many centuries in the form of perfumes, oils, and candles. The flavors play a significant role in creating fragrances. They are the needed ingredient to give a fragrance its distinct smell. 

Inexpensive Gift Basket Ideas

Generally, all women love to smell great but some smell differently in a very unique way. To maintain that uniqueness you can gift her, her favorite cologne, or body oils and salts. 

12. Customized Gifts 

There are ample gifting options when it comes to customization. Almost any gift you think of can be customized. It can be jewelry, watch, soft toys, mugs, etc. customized gift have their charm and hold a different kind of value. All you have to do is, just think of a gift you want to give her according to the occasion and get it customized. This gift will always remain with her and remind her of you. 

Wrapping up the post

Here are some most amazing gifting ideas for the special woman/women in your life who make your life special, to make them feel special. All these gifts not only are unique but will also bring a big smile on their face and not to forget some tears too!!!

Gifts are the most special way to make your loved ones feel the warmth and depth of your love. Gifts are the emotions. They help you silently say all those things which otherwise you wouldn’t have dared to say. They are the silent way to say I LOVE YOU and I CARE. 

Be freaky and also freak your much-loved with your unique and memorable gifts. keep gifting and make your close ones happy and emotional.

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