15 Unique Christmas Gifts ideas for Your Loved ones

15 unique Christmas Gifts to give in 2019

Unique Christmas gifts are a collection of unusual and exceptional gifts that can be pretty difficult to find. If we talk about the current situation then, there are lots of gifts available in the market that you can easily choose to buy and gift to your relatives, friends or any family member.

While going to shop for Christmas, you need to look according to the personality you are looking for the gift, it might be your kids, wife/husband, parents or relatives. As you know, Christmas is the best time of the year and you should always be ready with unique gift ideas for your people otherwise this special day will become stressful. Giving a gift to your loved one on a special day makes them feel more special and make the day memorable for them. It will help you to celebrate and spread your love among your loved ones in a different way and make everyone happy.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for DAD who has Everything

Nowadays, you can check out hundreds of options for Christmas gifts on online stores to make people happy and satisfied. Whether you want to give a special Christmas gift to your kids or you want to make it special for your partner, it is essential for you to choose a perfect gift that makes them feel more special. Visiting an online platform can have lots of benefits for you and it allows you to find a perfect Christmas gift for your loved one in less time and effort. 

If you want to give a unique gift to your loved one then here are some unique Christmas gifts 2019 in which you can choose the one best that helps you to make this Christmas more special and effective. So, here are some interesting and unique gift ideas for you that will make your Christmas more fun and exciting. 

List of Unique Christmas Gifts 2019

S. NoUnique Christmas GiftsProduct : Best ForPrice
1VicTsing Essential Oil DiffuserParents, Mothers, FathersCheck Price
2Sun-E Owl Pot Newlywed People Check Price
3LEGO Minecraft KitKids and ChildrenCheck Price
4Funny CoastersFriends & FamilyCheck Price
5Pulled Pork Shredder ClawsMothersCheck Price
6Toysmith Tech GearKids and ChildrenCheck Price
7Savvy Infusion Water Bottle Women & WivesCheck Price
8Mydethun Moon LampGirlfriendCheck Price
9Kyonne Build-on Brick Mug boyfriend, friend or husbandCheck Price
10Cactus Tealight CandlesRomantic CouplesCheck Price
11Personalized NecklaceMother, girlfriend, female friendCheck Price
12Beanie Hat HeadphonesBoys, Friend or BoyfriendsCheck Price
13Pet Portrait Keychain Female PersonCheck Price
143D Dinosaur LightKids & ChildrenCheck Price
15Himalayan Salt LampFamily, Friends, RelativesCheck Price

1. VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser 

unique christmas gifts 2019

An essential oil diffuser is a right option for you to choose if you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for your friends. This aroma diffuser looks like a decorative piece and comes with super modern wood grain features. This gift can fill new energy in your loved one’s life by creating much more cool and fragrance in their place.

This essential oil diffuser mostly works for ten hours and perfect for you to give this diffuser as a gift to your loved ones. This diffuser comes in seven different soothing colors and each and every color has two light options in which you can choose the one best that meets your needs and requirements. 

Bottom Line: This Product is ideal for parents, mothers, fathers.

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2. Sun-E Owl Pot 

unique gift for christmas

If you are looking for ideas for unique Christmas gifts for your friends or family member who loves succulent plants then this idea is perfect for you to choose. These owl pots come in a beautiful and clean modern style that will increase the look and appeal of your living area.

It is structurally simple and petite with the beautiful colourfull plants that will be suitable for your bookshelf, table, desk, a living room in your home. So, it can be a perfect gift idea for you to give to your friends and family member and help them to enhance the beauty of their home. You can also choose to buy it for your own home at Christmas and make your home look beautiful and green. 

Bottom Line: This product is best for newlywed wife, husband, or relatives who are young in age. 

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3. LEGO Minecraft The Zombie Cave 21141 Building Kit 

ideas for unique christmas gift

If you are looking for perfect unique Christmas gifts for kids then this LEGO Minecraft Set is an ideal choice for you. This LEGO Minecraft toy includes the ladder and a furnace that feature from the Minecraft game and kids will love to play with this and it will also help them to enhance their creative skills.

Kids can easily create their own adventure with this game that keeps them engage for several hours in playing with it. They will surely love to build their own building with endless adventure. This building set comes with 241 pieces and perfect for both boys and girls. So, if you want to give a unique Christmas gift to your kids this Christmas then it is beneficial for you to have a look at this amazing LEGO Minecraft building set. 

Bottom Line: This unique Christmas gift is best for any kids or children.

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4. Funny Coasters

christmas gifts 2019 unique

Gifting these funny coasters set is a perfect idea to impress your friends on this Christmas day. These funny and creative coaters will surely enhance the look and decoration of your living area and make your room looks attractive.

If you want to bring some fun in your boring life and want to give some attractive and creative gifts to your friends and loved ones then you can choose to buy these funny costers that have random slangs written on them that make you laugh with your friends. It will be a really funky gift for your friends this Christmas to give. 

Bottom Line: This unique Christmas gift idea is best for Friends, Relatives.

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5. Pulled Pork Shredder Claws 

best unique christmas gift 2019

Everyone loves the food made by their mother and if your mom loves cooking then pulled pork shredder claws is a perfect gift option for her this Christmas. With this high quality pulled pork shredder claws, your mother can easily dominate brisket, chicken, hams, turkey, and anything from your slow cooker.

It is very easy to use these claws and the heat resistant BPA made these claws never slip so that you can easily handle the meet and food item. So, on this Christmas day, you can choose to buy these claws as unique Christmas gifts for mom and she will surely love your present. 

Bottom Line: It is perfect for any mom’s around the globe. 

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6. Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer

unique christmas gifts for kids

Do you want to make your kids surprised on this Christmas day? If yes then you can choose to buy a Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer that makes your kids able to make experiments with the sound of science because this toy uses an electronic voice synthesizer and helps in featuring different voice modifiers.

The effects in this toy include the colorful flashing LED lights and voice amplifier that keep the children engaged in playing. It is very easy to adjust the amplitude and frequency in this toy and make children interestingly involve by creating different sound combinations in an effective and easy way. It is one of the perfect ideas for unique Christmas gifts that you can choose to buy for people for different age groups. 

Bottom Line: This unique Christmas gift is best for any kids or children.

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7. Savvy Infusion Water Bottle 

unique christmas gifts for mom

If your wife is a fitness freak then you can choose to buy this Savvy Infusion water bottle that is a perfect Christmas gift for women. This water bottle is designed with a unique and superior quality handled cap along with the silicon seal that reduces the fear of leaking and allows you to carry it anywhere along with you.

This long-lasting and durable water bottle is super easy to clean and provide you with a healthy and affordable alternative to sports drinks. If your wife goes for yoga or gym then you are looking for unique Christmas gifts for a wife then you can choose to buy this water bottle for her that will surely make her happy and healthy. 

Bottom Line: It is a perfect Christmas gift for women, wives. 

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8. Mydethun Moon Lamp 

unique christmas gifts for couples

In order to make this Christmas memorable, you can choose to buy a romantic and elegant gift for your girlfriend which makes her happy and surprised as well. A Mydethun Moon lamp can be the perfect gift idea for you to give your girlfriend this Christmas and make your bond stronger.

This moonlight lamp is made with the 3D printer and changes the color with a touch. You can also adjust the brightness of the lamp and it will surely make your girlfriend happy. So, it is one of the most unique Christmas gifts for her that you can buy and able to make your relationship better. 

Bottom Line: It is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, we usually recommend this to gift this on Christmas. 

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9. Kyonne Build-on Brick Mug 

unique-christmas gifts for kids 2019

A modern and attractive looking Kyonne Build-on Brick mug is a perfect gift for your children that increase their creativity skills. in addition to this, you can also choose to buy this mug for your boyfriend, friend or husband because it helps to relieve anxiety and stress and make you happy surely.

So, this puzzle brick mug is the right choice if you are looking for unique Christmas gifts for him. It will be a great time to pass in his/her free time.

Bottom Line: This Unique Christmas is ideal for boyfriend, friend or husband.

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10. Cactus Tealight Candles

unique christmas gift 2019

Everyone loves to get gifts from their loved ones that make them feel special but it is not easy to choose the right gift item. As cactus is a sign of showing long-lasting love to your better half, so this cactus tealight candles set is one of the best gifts to give.

If you are looking for unique Christmas gifts for couples then you can choose to give them cactus tealight candles that will fill love and happiness in their relationship and helps to deliver your best wishes to your loved ones. 

Bottom Line: It is perfect for any couple who is romantic.

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11. Personalized 2 Names Simulated Birthstones Necklaces


A personalized 2 Names simulated birthstones necklaces is a sweet and unique gift that helps to keep her close to your heart all the time. One stone will represent her/him and the other one is you. You can engrave your beloved and your’s name on the necklace as a symbol of love along with the birthstone.

This Christmas, if you want to give something different and unique to your mother, girlfriend, or any female friend then it is one of the unique Christmas gifts to go for. 

Bottom Line: It is great for mother, girlfriend, or any female friend to gift this on Christmas 2019.

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12. Beanie Hat Headphones Wireless Headset

Bluetooth beanie headset is an amazing Christmas gift to give to your people this Christmas. Its a knitted hat for your chilling winter with the stereo speaker along with mic for making your morning/evening walk more fun. 

It comes with a 250 mAh Li battery, offering the longest continuous working time 16-20 hours. It is an ideal gift for Christmas for one who loves to listen to music while running or goes for a walk daily. Carrying an earphone while running is really irritating when it gets tangled, so this option is one of the best gifts to give on this Christmas. 

Bottom Line: Best for the Boys, Friend or even your Boyfriends. 

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13. Personalized Pet Portrait Keychain 

christmas gifts 2019

If your partner loves pets then you can choose to gift her personalized pet portrait keychain that makes her happy and exciting. It helps you to make your loved one happy and this Christmas will look different for them that help you to make your bond stronger. 

It will give your pet an identity that will be helpful in case if you lose your pet somewhere in the crowd. You can engrave your home address with your name on it for more clarification. 

Bottom Line: It is an ideal and unique Christmas gifts for wife. 

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14. 3D Dinosaur Light 

unique gifts for kids

This Christmas, you can gift a 3D Dinosaur light to your loved one or friends as this feature light changing technique and helps to make your room looks attractive and beautiful.

You can keep it on your desk and able to make your room looks modern and attractive. Whether you want to give a gift to your friends or any of your family members, it is beneficial for you to choose to buy this dinosaur light that will impress your friends. 

Bottom Line: This unique Christmas gifts for kids are made for the kids who love attractive thing. 

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15. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

christmas gift unique

The salt lamp is a professionally hand-carved Himalayan rock salt, which glows and provide a calming atmosphere to create a sense of peace and relaxation. Don’t think twice to buy this gift your beloved, as this is one of the best options to gift this Christmas. 

This is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone to give them a peaceful time to relax their body with day to day stress. It brightens the mood of the room to make you feel light and calm.

Bottom Line: This is a perfect Christmas gift for any Homes to decorate it. 

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That’s it!!

Now have a look for one more tip about the ideas for unique Christmas Gifts 2019 mentioned below.  

One more Tip: Why you should buy Christmas Gifts online?

Whenever you are going to buy Christmas gifts, you can see a variety of items in the market for kids, partners and for friends and you can choose to buy the one best for your needs. With the help of this advanced and improved technology these days, people prefer to buy unique Christmas gifts from the online store because it reduces their lots of effort and time in finding the right gift for the right person. Most of the online stores offer a variety of amazing gift options to people and allow them to make their Christmas more special and unique. 

Among the variety of gift options available in the market, you can easily choose to buy the best for you that come in your affordable budget. you can make proper research and able to find some interesting, funny and affordable gift ideas that meet your needs and impress your loved ones.

Unique Homemade Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is one of the most important days and occasions in which you spread your love and happiness with your friends and family and you can make it more special with a funny, interesting and attractive gift. Among the variety of online stores available in the market these days, you can visit the one best where you can find a variety of options to choose from that fit will with your needs and well as your budget so that you can make your shop within less time. Giving a gift to someone on a special day helps you to keep him close to your heart and a unique Christmas gift helps you to stay closer with your friends, lover and family member. 

Apart from this, there are lots of online stores that offer special deals and offers to the people for Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones and you can pick up the one best that looks attractive and affordable for you. Once you visit the online platform, you can easily find hundreds of unique Christmas gift ideas that look suitable for you and you can choose to give to your loved ones on this special day.

Buying a gift becomes easy with online access and you can easily explore browser to check out the variety of gift items for this Christmas day so that you can celebrate the day in a more special and effective manner with your loved ones. So, you can make your Christmas day special by celebrating it together with your loved ones that help to spread your happiness and love in an effective manner but buying a perfect gift for your loved one makes it memorable for you.

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Freakishland wishes you a Merry Christmas, May your Christmas be blessed with lots of love, fun, peace, joy, and Happiness. 

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