20 Unique Homemade Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas 2019

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Finding ways to create unique Homemade gift basket ideas for Christmas 2019? No doubt homemade gifts are the ones which are loved and appreciated by everyone.  

Selecting a perfect Christmas gift can be very difficult when you don’t have enough time to look out the market trends and things are not that bad like it seems. There are lots of gift combos and gift basket are there which can be easily customized by yourself. It always gives a great personal touch when you give homemade gift basket as a Christmas gift for someone special in your family or in the friend circle. 

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If you are searching for a perfect Christmas present for your parents, siblings, friends or beloved one, you will find out some unique and creative DIY gift basket ideas here. This year, you can make your celebration memorable and special with the following homemade gift basket ideas for Christmas for your special ones.

List of Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

S. NoChristmas Gift BasketBest ForPrice
1Paper Plate BasketChefs, Moms, Baking loversCheck Price
2Bottle Gift Set BasketStudents, Childrens, Fathers, MothersCheck Price
3Spa Day Gift BasketMoms, Female Friends, Sisters, GirlfriendsCheck Price
4New Baby Gift Basket Babies, New ParentsCheck Price
5Coffee BasketCoffee loversCheck Price
6Food Gift BasketEveryone Check Price
7DIY Baking Gift BasketChefs, Moms, Baking loversCheck Price
8Cupcake Baking BasketChefs, Moms, Baking loversCheck Price
9Housewarming Gift BasketNew house owners, Check Price
10Manicure Gift BasketMoms, Girl, Girlfriend any Female Check Price
11Mom's Gift BasketMoms, Old Women, GrandmotherCheck Price
12Book Gift BasketBook loversCheck Price
13House Guest Gift BasketHouse GuestsCheck Price
14Beauty Gift BasketFemale friend, sister or girlfriendCheck Price
15Colander BasketHomies, Kitchen lovers, MomsCheck Price
16Gardening BasketGardener, Parents, Fathers, MothersCheck Price
17Get Well Soon Gift BasketPatient, Ill personCheck Price
18Gift Basket for Pets Pet lover, Dog lover, Cat loverCheck Price
19Birthday Gift BasketBirthday boy and girlCheck Price
20Art & Crafts Gift BasketArt lovers, Decoration loversCheck Price

1. Paper Plate Basket For Muffins


It’s very difficult to say no when you see the muffins in front of you and delicious muffins are a mandatory dessert of any Christmas party, In the United States. Most of the people serve and exchange muffins at Christmas. To make it simple and hassle-free one could create a paper plate basket which is really a great idea of a homemade gift basket that will help you to serve delicious homemade muffins. And it is very easy to create paper plate basket.

You just need to cut and fold the paper plate to make a basket with it. The best part about this homemade Christmas gift basket idea is that one can also use a custom tag with your wishes on it. Write a beautiful msg on the tag and compliment your muffins with it.

Bottom Line: This product is best for moms or the people who have highly interest in cooking bakery items. 

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2. Christmas Pop Bottle Gift Set


A bottle can be used for various purpose and its a good gift to give on Christmas or any festivals. If you want to add a delicious taste to your relationship with colourfull candies, you just need to put them in pop bottles and you can add a Christmas label on it to make it a perfect gift.

From the level of simplicity to extreme style of Christmas gift, this is the gift which can be loved by everyone. There are plenty of bottles set available on Amazon.com. From steel to plastic, long to sharp tale, every bottle is unique in its own, they are also useful for drinking water, milk, mocktails, cold drinks etc. It will be one of the best homemade gift baskets for Christmas, this Christmas give your relationship a strong bond with a bottle gift set.

Bottom Line: This item is suitable for any family members such as children, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister. 

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3. Spa Day Gift Basket


Every 90% mom in this whole universe is busy with their hectic schedule and they don’t have the time for themself whether it’s a Christmas or any casual day moms are the ones who are always busy with the responsibilities of her family, children and most probably their husband.

To make this hassle-free, Spa Day Gift basket can be the perfect gift for any busy mom on this Christmas. To create the spa day gift basket, you just need to buy stuff like nail polish, nail clippers, lip balm, body lotion or any cosmetics products. You will find it very affordable to use as a gift basket.

Bottom Line: This gift basket is perfect for any female mother, friend or any relative. 

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4. New Baby Gift Basket


Are you the one who always listen to the baby crying at your relative home or in your nearby neighbourhood? If your answer is the big yes then baby gift basket is a great idea to give on this Christmas. 

In this Baby gift basket, you can add things like essentials oils, lotion, cream, shampoo and wipes for regular baby care. Make sure to choose the best ones and use the products which are approved by a dermatologist, we never recommend products that can harm anyone. The parents of new-born baby will love to accept such useful and special gifts on Christmas. Share your love towards the baby and get loads of love.

Bottom Line: This baby gift basket is best for new babies, new parents or kids.

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5. The Gift Basket Of Coffee


According to Huffington postAmericans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year, making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world” We guess while mentioning this you all are pretty much clear about gift basket of coffee which is really a great Christmas gift basket idea.

While looking for some of the best DIY gift basket ideas for Christmas, you can always pick it for most of your friends or relatives. This special gift basket will be a great choice for any coffee lover in your friend circle or relatives. You can pick all the essentials to prepare a special coffee every morning.

Bottom Line: This Gift basket is best for any coffee lover.

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6. Food Gift Basket

food gift basket

To prepare this unique and creative gift basket for your friends or relatives, you can use any old utensil which is not using at your home. It will be great to fill it with some cooking magazines or any food items with spices and other kitchen essentials.

There are various things related to food which can make a great gift basket and can be loved by the recipients. It’s all about the combination which you are choosing. Just show your creativity and experiment with things and unused stuff at your home and give this Christmas gift basket with your loved ones.

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Bottom Line: You could gift this basket to any person, suitable for every people. 

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7. DIY Baking Gift Basket

baking gift basket

If baking and cooking is your favourite thing in the kitchen then you have the great idea to create a DIY baking gift basket, all it will take your effort to order stuff from Amazon but trust us it would be worth to do this. Few of the Baking Gift basket includes chef hats, gloves, apron, hand mixer, oven mitts or you could also create combos with the good items which would be useful in baking.

It will be like a personalized gift basket based on a baking theme for a special one in your life. You will fill it with all the essential items for regular baking and cooking in the kitchen. Your special one will love to get this useful and unique baking gift basket this Christmas.

Bottom Line: If the person loves to bake, then this gift basket is perfect for them. 

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8. Holiday Cupcake Baking Kit

bake gift basket

It is another great choice as a Christmas gift basket for any baker or baking lover in your contacts. You can add all essentials that are used for baking the delicious and adorable cupcakes. It will be great to add a personalised baking guide with this gift basket.

Things like silicone cups, moulds, paper liners, cupcake stand, cupcake tin, ovens mitts are the best fit for the cupcake baking kit and it is easily available on the giant shopping website – Amazon.com. Just search for cupcake baking kit or click the link below.

Bottom Line: This Christmas gift basket is perfect for any baking lover in your circle.

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9. DIY Housewarming Gift Basket

Housewarming gift basket

Going to your friends or any relative house and don’t know which gift to take along with you. Going without any gifts on Christmas is not a good idea, the result would be very bad or worse could be which will harm your relation too. So not to worry, there are plenty of things around on Amazon which you could gift on this Christmas 2019 and will be the best Christmas gift idea. 

In this gift basket, you can add kitchen towels, greenery, a bottle of wine, a famous magazine and compliment with a special gift card. There are lots of possibilities to customise this housewarming gift basket for someone on Christmas. Just search on Amazon or simply click the link below to check our recommendation. 

Bottom Line: It is a perfect gift basket for friends or office mates.  

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10. DIY Manicure Gift Basket

Manicure gift basket

When it comes to finding a useful and unique idea for Christmas gift for your friend who loves to groom themselves, you can pick this option which will be considered as a perfect one. Just get a manicure set from any store or order it from Amazon.com and add all manicure kit items in a basket to surprise your friend.

The brand name Esarora is the leading manufacturer of Manicure kits and you could easily found this on Amazon.com. To make it convenient for our loyal audience we have shared an amazon.com link of Esarora Manicure Kits which contains 18 pieces of productive tools for three functions, including hand care, facial care, and foot care. It is so light in weight that you could carry this in your small bag or ladies pouch. 

Bottom Line: This gift basket is perfect for any female whether it’s your friend, mother, sister wife, girlfriend. 

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11. New Mom’s Gift Basket

new mom gift basket

Is any of your female friend gave birth to a child? Someone is newly made mom? Then surprise them in this Christmas with a wonderful gift, Gift them the power of love with the small basket of Mom’s gift basket.

In this Christmas gift basket, you can add the items and tools that will be useful for the parents of the newborn baby. There are several items available in the market that you can add to this useful and personalized baby shower gift basket. We also have shared the Mama Earth organic cream which is great for a new mother, just add a few more similar items if you want or continue with this one, believe us every new mother will appreciate this gift basket. 

Bottom line: This Christmas gift basket is great for a new mother.

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12. Gift Basket For The Book Lover

book gift basket

Bookworm or Book freaky is the words you used for your friends, rather not to call them by their names. We suggest the products for every people in this world whether its a bookworm or insect lover. And to make this easier for our audience we have something for them which is known as “Gift Basket of Books”

Not to worry about what you should include in the basket. You can always create a special gift basket with the favourite books, coffee mugs or any gift cards that your book lover friend will definitely love. Make sure to add some interesting and knowledgeable books in this gift basket or even great fictionary books like “Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens” or “The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood“. We have shared a link of one of the best novel The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood below, just create the great gift basket combos by adding more related books.   

Bottom Line: It is recommended for any book lover who loves to read novels, fictions etc.  

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13. House Guest Gift Basket

house guest gift

If anyone of your friends, relatives living in your private house for many days, then don’t forget about them too. They are your guest who needs to be treat as well. 

To make thing easier, We are suggesting you one great gift just create a gift basket which is one of easy gift basket ideas for Christmas occasion that you can present to someone in your family or relatives. Just add the items like body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion and many more that will be used for any guest in the house. Also, you could create a combo with this Aromatherapy Candles Stress Relief mentioned below. 

Bottom Line: This Christmas Gift Basket is perfect for your Family & Friends. 

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14. Beauty Themed Gift Basket

beauty theme gift basket

Its a myth and most of the people believe that, If you want to make any female friend or any relative happy then appreciate about her beauty but we regret to say, we don’t follow this thought “Every woman is beautiful in this universe, it just takes the right man to see it” but to follow it we suggest you give a beauty gift basket which helps all the women to maintain their beauty.

Just adding a small tip, don’t give any non branded items as it can harm their skin but a branded gift basket can be a special and useful gift for your female friend, sister or girlfriend. You can make a woman or girl happy with this beauty-themed gift basket which consists of cosmetic care set and all essential items in it which will enhance their Christmas preparation in a better way.

Bottom Line: This product is highly recommended for any women’s around the world.

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15. Colander Basket

coriander gift basket

It is very important to eat veggies and fruits after a proper wash because nowadays people are not selling good fresh stuff in the market. They use chemicals to give shine in the veggie and fruits which is really harmful to your health. It will be a great idea to gift something related to this to your loved ones who can take care of them and their family in a better way. 

You can go for a colander basket which comes with the stainless steel base that can carry all your stuff and you can wash it properly in your sink or anywhere. It will be a unique gift basket and you can fill it with the essential items like veggies wash solution, Veggies dry cloth, wooden spoons and all the useful kitchen items. Colander basket is the healthy gift basket idea on this upcoming Christmas.

Bottom Line: This Basket is best for moms, chefs. 

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16. Gardening Gift Basket

gardening gift basket

Does your recipient love to spend his/her most of the time in the garden? If your answer is yes or your instinct is convincing you to say yes then this Gardening basket is for you. It is very useful to give regular care to the garden and a real Gardner knows this well. Go with this gift basket idea for your friend or any relative who is fond of gardening.

If you want to find out one of the useful and unique homemade gardening gift basket ideas for someone, you can go for this idea which is a good option and highly recommend by us. Just Amaze your loved ones with Gardening Basket which is the good choice and great gift basket idea for Christmas. This will be a very unique gift basket which generally people don’t expect to get as a gift.

Bottom Line: This product is best for gardener, dad, mom, friends, uncle, neighbours. 

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17. Get Well Soon Gift Basket

getwell soon gift basket

It counts as a very generous gesture if you take something with your get well soon wish to the patient. If someone is recovering from any flu or not feeling well, it can be a unique gift for your beloved to gift Get well soon gift basket on this Christmas and make them feel good on this special day. You can add fresh fruits, energy drinks, healthy dry fruits and many more in this basket with “Get Well Soon” card.

There are lots of things available at Amazon.com which can be a gift to the patient or the person who has recovered from any disease. We also have shared a gift basket which contains fresh fruits, gourmet cookies, oatmeal cookies and much more things which are best for healing and make this Christmas healthier.

Bottom Line: Best for the person who just recovered from any disease or suffering any disease. 

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18. Gift Basket for Pets

pet basket

We don’t recommend anyone to gift pets in the gift as they are not just a thing, it’s a living being that you will be responsible for your whole life. Many people love to play with animals but it’s difficult to have them as a pet in the house and give your full attention. It will not only be a stress for you but also for the pets who don’t even know to express their problems, so better you should avoid pets as a gift.

But Gift basket for pets is a good choice for the people who own a pet, if your recipient is a real pet lover then you can choose this gift basket on this Christmas. In the gift basket, you can add some pet toys, food items and pet care products that will be very useful for the pet owner. Also, we have selected a great gift basket for pets for you below.

Bottom Line: It is a perfect gift basket for pet lovers who own pets.

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19. Happy Birthday Gift Basket

Happybirthday gift basket

If someone is having a birthday near Christmas or on the same day, then it can be a great idea to gift Birthday basket to them. Your friend or relative will love to accept this Happy Birthday basket having a bunch of gifts in it with any great combo products.

If you are looking for homemade gift basket ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriends, don’t forget to add a special gift with it. Just check the below link which contains the 12 boxes of soap, suitable for both men and women. It smells great and comes with the good packaging, so you could also use this Happy Birthday Basket on this Christmas.  

Bottom Line: It is suitable for both men and women, gift this on Birthday. 

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20. Art & Crafts Gift Basket

art craft gift basket

There are many people who love to decorate his/her house with joy and unlimited fun? If you know any kind of person then we already have decided the Christmas gifts for them which is “Art & Craft Gift Basket” 

This gift basket will be very useful and helpful in decorating homes who like to show their creativity with art and craft. You can get all those items from any stationery store nearby easily or the best simply visit Amazon.com and look out for the craft supplies which are called a great Gift Basket Idea For Christmas. Recipients can use this basket to decorate their homes, and it is very easy to create and you can also take the reference from referral videos. We also got covered the DIY Youtube channels for learning DIY Gifts and Cards.

Bottom Line: Best for the person who has an interest in Art & Craft things. 

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So this is the end of the post but not about your knowledge!! Keep learning and keep sharing!!

We have covered the best gift basket ideas for Christmas which can be given to your dear ones. You can select any of these unique and special gift basket ideas as per the lifestyle preferences and your relationship with the person. It will be excellent to make your relationship stronger and special this Christmas.

If you love this post then must share this with your friends and family. Don’t forget to let us know the best gift basket idea in the comment section. Also, suggestions and improvements are welcome.

Freakishland wishes you a Merry Christmas, May your Christmas be blessed with lots of love, fun, peace, joy and Happiness. 

Note: The listed above products are from Amazon.com and product prices can fluctuate, we are not responsible if the price is increased or decreased.

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