List of Extraordinary Christmas Gifts Under $100

Christmas Gifts under $100

Christmas gifts under $100 list we created is for the people who are looking to gift something different in a budget of $100 and these products are perfect for each individuals as these products are unisex. 

Christmas is the festival of light and spread blessing and without gifts this occasion is incomplete. As we all know the importance of gifts and its very difficult to find something innovative every year which will make your holiday season more fun.

By keeping this in our mind we have done a research on more than 5000+ products and found these useful & unique products as mentioned in this post. So, let’s check out the list of best extraordinary Christmas gifts under $100. 

List of Best Christmas Gifts Under $100 2021

1. Bullet Shape Whiskey Stone

Bullet shaped whiskey stones

Do you want to give the gift which is unique and memorable?  If yes then giving this a bullet shape metal whiskey stone is really best gifts for this Christmas. People always prefer to drinks on the occasion like this and this gift is perfect for the people who loves to drink hard core chilled whiskey. 

This whiskey stones set comes with the 6 reusable bullet shaped stainless ice cubes, storage pouch, barman tongs with rubber and a personalized black gift box that holds each piece and it is a complete kit for the whiskey lover to enjoy the drink with the bullet shape metal whiskey stone. 

The Whiskey stone will cool down your drink in a less time and never water it down and never ruin the flavour like ice does, Also it’s so easy to clean. Just clean with water when the party is completed.

Bottom line – This is one of the perfect gift which comes under $100. Give this to someone who likes guns or is in the military.

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2. Santa Stocking Flask

Party Flasks as a Christmas gifts under $100

Add instant fun at your Christmas parties with this Santa Stocking Flask, just simply fill your favourite drink in it and enjoy wherever you want.

It comes with a 2.25 litres of storage capacity in which one can store beer, whiskey or even any soft drink very measurably and drink anywhere. To make thing more funny one can dress in Santa Claus and carry this along. 

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This is BPA free and FDA approved food approved bag which is so light in weight. The flask is refillable and washable with soap and warm water. 

Bottom Line: If you are you looking for a fun and unique gift for your friends, family and co-workers on this Christmas then this is the gift you can gift. 

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3. Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach BReakfast sandwich maker

Do you often find yourself missing your breakfast as you are getting late for your office? Well, not every person can wake early in the morning and get ready for the office while preparing their meals. By getting this amazing sandwich maker you can prepare fresh sandwiches in the morning in just five minutes. You just need to put the items together and the sandwich maker will prepare it for you.

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It will be the best Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend as the sandwich maker will make her life easier. You can enjoy a healthy meal at any time. If you have guests in your house and you want to prepare something which is easy and quick, then you can use the sandwich maker as it will do all the work and the digital meter will notify you when the sandwich is ready so you need not leave your guests alone while preparing a meal.

The sandwich maker is dishwasher friendly, so you do not have to worry about cleaning it. You can easily remove all the parts of the sandwich maker and then put it in the dishwasher which will do all the work for you.

Bottom Line: If your girlfriend is a cooking expert then this is the perfect gift for her. 

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4. Beer Chiller Sticks 

Chillsner Beer Chiller

Beer chiller sticks for bottles is another unique and astonishing gift for someone special. This stick is going to help anyone in drinking chilled beers. With the help of this product, one can enjoy chilled beer just adding sticks in the beer bottle. 

When you are looking for the perfect Christmas gifts under $100 then don’t forget to buy this. In order to create an airtight seal, you just need to press this stick firmly after placing it inside your beer bottle. It simply means you get the airtight seal as a special feature with this product. In addition, you also get the thermal coolant feature of this product. Your loved ones does not need to get messed up with a complex operation procedure to store and cool his beer every time. 


The stainless steel frame of this stick is another significant benefit of this product that you will get. The stainless steel frame ensures durability and long lifespan of the product. With this product, you will get 2 beer chillers sticks to make your drinking night more fun.  The receiver of this gift would love to say “No more warm Beers” 

Bottom Line: It’s a exclusive Christmas gifts under $100 and best for the people who fall in the category of Beer Lovers

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5. BBQ Tool Set – Best Christmas gifts under $100

BBQ grill Tool set - Christmas gifts under $100

Do you have some amazing memories of BBQ with your loved ones? If you do then this Christmas you can get a BBQ Grill toolset for your near-dear ones and get to recall the memories again with this special BBQ gift. With this you will get all required things used for grilling which led one to enjoy a great grilling experience. It will be the perfect Christmas gifts under $100. 

This BBQ toolset comes with the complete 16 stainless steel barbecue grilling accessories along with the aluminium case, spatula, tongs, skewers. The aluminium case along with the set will help you to provide your proper storage to keep the items safe. You can easily store the items and use them whenever necessary.

All the barbeque tool sets are made from stainless steel which makes the tool set more durable and rigid. It is also rustproof and won’t get damaged under high pressure. That is why this product is very convenient to use in any kind of food grilling. If your loved ones love to cook grilling food then this is the amazing gift item that you can buy for them this Christmas. 

Bottom Line: This is a great product for the people who loves to eat barbecue or grilled food at homes.  

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6. Hinged Wood Box

Classic Hinged Wood Box

One of the best and thoughtful gifts that you can buy this Christmas for your friends, family or any close people in your life. This classic hinger wood box comes with the message imprinted ‘Good Friends Are Like Stars – You Don’t Always See Them But You Know They’re Always There’. These thoughtful words will surely motivate you when your friends are not near you. 

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The box is in black color along with white color letters on it. This amazing design of the box makes it the best gift for your friends as the box can be used for storing some precious items. The corner of the box is round at the edges so that it does not cut or leave bruise marks. Message on the box can be considered funny and heart-warming by most of your friends.

It is essential that you get such thoughtful gifts for the people close to you so that you can convey your feeling to them. Most people are not good with their words and that is why such embedded boxes can help you with it. You can buy this Christmas gift under $100 and it will not effect your budget.

Bottom Line: This Christmas gift under $100 is best to give for this Christmas especially to your friends or close people in your life.

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7. Multi Charger Organizer Docking Station

Christmas gifts under $100

Not every person in this world can survive on just a single gadget. You might also use multiple gadgets like smartphones, tablets, electronic book readers, headphones, Amazon Kindle and many other things. If you are looking for the best Christmas gifts under $100 then this is the gift we can recommend specially for the people 
who use gadget freaks.

By using the charging station organizer, you can charge all the essential devices in one place and you do not have to worry to charge several items at one go. You will have six 2.4 amp charging ports for smartphones and tablets, making it convenient for you to charge your device up to 80% faster. Also, it has an inbuilt feature that can automatically recognize the device so that it can deliver the exact power needed to all the devices. This way, you do not have to worry about over-voltage that can damage your device.

You can use it anywhere in your house, office, restaurants or even hotels to keep all your devices charged. If you still think there might be some problems with the product, then you can get a guarantee on the product. So if recipient love gadgets, then it is the right gift for you to buy for him or her.

Bottom Line: This product is best for techy people who loves gadgets and new technologies.

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8. Crochet Mermaid Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket

This product is specific for all the females out there. At the time of Christmas, the winter is already at its peak and some people might not be able to handle the winter. If you want to give the extra protection to your loved ones this winter, then you can get a mermaid tail blanket crochet for them. 


You can get a super soft all-season sofa sleeping blanket which is so light in weight that you can use this in your cars, camping or sleepover to provide you comfort anywhere, especially in the winter. If you really want to see someone in the form of mermaid, then it will be something that you should definitely buy. 

It is something that will add elegance to the user and give her a soft and warm experience. The materials used in the blanket are of high-quality meaning it will last for a longer period of time. This unique Christmas gifts comes under $100 and is one of the best options to give as Christmas gifts. 

Bottom Line: It is best to give this a girl who feels like a goddess of the sea.

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9. Christmas Footprints

Santa Footprints

Do you want to feel more presence of Santa Claus this Christmas? If yes then buying a Christmas footprints is really a perfect choice especially if you have kids in your house. 

This Christmas footprint comes with the 90 total Christmas floor decals which includes Santa’s foot print decals, Elf foot prints & reindeer hoof tracks. Let us give you the proper specification about the size of this Christmas gifts, The length of this Christmas footprint is 13.5, width 10, height 0.5 inches.

You can only use this on your surface floor, there is clear instruction to not to use this on the wooden floor or any similar place. Just simply peel and stick and your scene is set in minutes.

Bottom line – Make your child’s Christmas more magical this year with the Santa Footprints Floor Stickers Kit from Colonel Pickles Novelties.

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10. Leg Lamp

Christmas Leg Lamp

To make thing more funnier you can gift this amazing Christmas leg lamp to your loved ones, It’s a 20″ tall desk lamp leg which will help you to give an ample of light.

As this lamp is so classical and heritage that helps you plug in and lights up under the top shade as well and the leg itself lights. Christmas will not complete without the family sitting down to watch Ralphie’s misadventures. 

Just like in the movie, you can light up the living room with a comical leg lamp. And you don’t have enter any sweepstakes to get it. Get into the spirit in a really bright way. Capturing one of the funniest moments in the holiday classic, A Christmas Story, this Leg Lamp is a scale reproduction of the same lamp used in the popular film.

Bottom LineThis Christmas gift under $100 is best to give to the family in your neighbourhood, friends family and get together.

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11. Beard Lights – Christmas Gifts Under $100

beard lights

This Christmas if you are looking to get crazy and have fun at extremes. So, we believe this gift will do the justice to your craziness. If you or someone close to yours have beard and wants to have fun this year in Christmas, then don’t think twice to gift this product to someone. And if you are gonna display Santa Claus then these beard lights will enhance your outfit.

These beard lights are an original light up beard ornament which will come with 16 pcs to lit up your beard. The packet will contain red, green, silver and gold beard lights with easy attachable clips. This can be used on the beard as well as moustache with a mini-clip on the end of the lights with an easy and safe grip for any length of hairs.

This ornament can be worn at any occasion and be the center of attraction of the event. It is unisex product, anyone can use it on their hairs. It is made up of plastic so advised to deal and wear it carefully to avoid the breakage.

Bottom Line – You can gift this amazing Christmas gifts to the people who have big and long beard.

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12. Christmas Tree for Cars

Christmas Tree for cars

Do you have a plan to celebrate Christmas while traveling ?? If you are outing this Christmas with your friends or family then don’t forget to take this along with you. 

Christmas tree for car is best and elegant colourful Christmas tree that can be mounted on your car roof. It has 70 LED lights and folds flat so you easy park your car in the garage etc. The tree will add cheer & joy wherever you take your car and show the holiday spirit in a fun and unique way. The tree is prominent and the ideal decoration for road trips, street parties, holiday parades.

It comes equipped with a sturdy and lightweight frame that securely holds the tree onto ones automobile using both high quality suction cups that prevent damage to your car and 4 red heavy duty straps with rubberized hooks that grip the rubber door lining with the doors closing over them locking the trees frame securely into place.

Bottom line – This Christmas Tree is best for your car, van or truck and perfect for the people who will be traveling on the Christmas

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14. Magic Light Wand

magic light wand as a christmas gifts under $100

Holiday season is one of the favourite times in everyone’s life, specially in kids. Give a beautiful present to your babydoll this year to make her feel like a princess. Decorating Christmas tree is one of the best parts of Christmas after gifts of course. This beautiful wand will do magic for your kids to play with.

This magic light wand is a remote-control wand with a star light and a switch control at the end of the wand. You can switch on and off with the button, it requires AAA batteries to run. This wand is also musical to make your family holiday time more magical. You can use this wand to control the wireless setup from 65ft to 80ft.

You can enjoy the light and sound of this wand anytime and anywhere, whether it’s an event or a corner of your room. This wand will enhance the beauty of your house. You can also gift this wand to loved ones. This can be one of the best products for the Christmas gift under $100 in your cart.

Bottom line – This product is perfect for kids at your home who loves to see the magic. 

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13. Ugly Christmas T-shirt

Christmas funny tshirts

Christmas is all about fun and entertainment, as we love to celebrate this festival with our loved ones we always look for the ways to make things more funny and merrymaking. For the people who likes to party and always keen to attract everyone’s attention, we have brought this amazing product that is ugly Christmas T-shirt. 

This t-shirt comes with 3d funny prints design with vibrant colours to enhance your personality. It is so made up of 100% high quality polyester along with spandex to give you good stretch comfort. This is a unisex product and suitable for every seasons. 

This Ugly Christmas T-shirt has unique Christmas prints on it to give you full holiday feel, If you want to embarrass someone in a funny way this holiday then gifting this might be the perfect option for you. 

Bottom Line – This is one of the best Christmas gifts under $100 and will definitely help someone in making things more funny. 

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15. Christmas Suit

christmas suit

Try something new this Christmas, why to dress boring this time instead dress up the whole Christmas vibe. We have brought something great for you to wear this year to get the greatest feel of holiday. This shining red suit for men has these amazing prints on it relating Christmas that includes snowman, candies, Christmas trees, presents and many more which is making this suit more adorable.

This outfit comes with 3-piece suit in which there will be your pant, lined jacket (Blazer), and a tie to give the beauty to the outfit. The pants have an elastic waistband to make it more comfortable and stretchable to get fit into any body shape and size.

It is unique set to wear on festive days to be the center of attraction. It has very comfortable fabric and we are pretty sure that this piece of suit you will never going to get at such affordable prices. This can be one of the best options for the Christmas gift under $100 in your cart.

Bottom line – This is the perfect option to give this Christmas for your buddies, boyfriend & brother. 


We have collected the list of extraordinary $100 Christmas gifts for you. 

Now its your time to decide the best according to your loved one needs.

If you have any opinion or would like to say anything about this Christmas gifts under $100 post then do let us know in the comment section.

Your opinion would be really important for improving us, Do not hesitate to ask or sharing your wonderful feedback. 

Freakishland wishes you a Merry Christmas, May your Christmas be blessed with lots of love, fun, peace, joy, and Happiness. 

Note: The listed above products are from and product prices can fluctuate, we are not responsible if the price is increased or decreased…!!  

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