14 Ways to Earn Spotify Gift Card for Free in 2020

spotify gift card

Do you love listening to podcasts, songs, and audio books on Spotify? If yes, then you also need to spend money on subscription for a better experience. Music can heal a person from stress and from all worries and that’s why having a music app on a smartphone is important these days due to the jam-packed schedule of each one.

Sometimes, you find it difficult to pay for subscriptions, but you can still get Spotify subscription for free. How? You just need to get gift cards by using some great applications.

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It might be a little difficult for you to get a free gift card but not impossible here. You just need to go through the article that we have written for your reference very carefully as it will help you to explore more and more ways to earn gift cards. With the help of the following methods, it can be easy for you to earn gift cards anytime for Spotify:

List of Ways to Earn Spotify Gift Card Free

1. Payprizes

If you want to get a Spotify gift card instantly, then you just need to make your account at Pay Prizes. You can earn points by downloading this app and after you will exchange the points, you can get the gift card for Spotify.

You will need to collect enough points so that you can be able to claim your gift cards on this app. There will be no extra charges for doing this.

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There are several activities available for the users on this platform. After you will complete an activity, you will be able to earn points and then it can be changed with cash or gift cards. If you are looking forward to getting a gift card for Spotify, then it can be possible by using this application instantly.

Earn Free Spotify Gift Card

2. Survey Junkie

If you are someone who can’t listen to music and podcasts to any other app other than Spotify, then you can use Survey junkie to earn free gift cards for Spotify subscription.

By taking surveys at the online platform, you can earn straight cash. It isn’t a difficult task to do a survey and especially when you are earning money with it. You just need to follow the given steps in the app and there you go.

If you don’t want cash from it, you can also claim gift cards for yourself of Spotify. This is a reputed company and that’s why winning chances of yours get increases. Instead of finding ways to save money, you should find ways to earn it by surfing the internet. Whenever you are travelling or getting bored, you can start earning gift cards for your benefit.

Check official website Here

3. Swagbucks

It is one of the most amazing reward programs when it comes to earning points by doing online tasks. With this application, it is very easy for you to earn money and then use it to buy gift cards of Spotify.

One can accumulate lots of points by watching videos, surfing the internet, shopping from retail stores, reviewing products and many more things from this application.

Also Swagbucks will be able to get gift cards at absolutely low prices while utilizing some of the features of the given application. You can also earn gift cards of several other apps too but if you are looking for the Spotify gift card then you won’t get disappointed at Swag bucks. If you already know how to use the Spotify gift card, then you should also know how to get one.

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4. My points

How is this app My points are valuable for you? This platform would allow you to earn a free Spotify gift card. You need not pay anything on this app, you just need to earn points on this just by shopping and playing games.

You can also earn money with web searches. There are various gift cards available on this platform that you can claim for your use just by using this app’s features in an appropriate way.

Not only you will be able to get gift cards for Spotify but you can also win cards for other apps too while utilizing the application. You can earn gift cards for taking polls and that’s why this is a superb app to use. It is a daily reward program and you will keep earning points in different ways. By searching and doing surveys, you can earn a lot of money.

Check official website Here

5. Inbox dollars

If you want to get paid to do work online, then you can earn gift cards sitting at your home without doing many efforts. You don’t have to do any work but just have fun browsing the internet.

If you love to play video games, then this can also help you to earn gift cards and cash just by playing games, so why to waste time in playing games rather make it more fun when you can claim real rewards from those games.

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And the fun part is you don’t even need to win at the games to earn gift cards. If you can download coupons and shop online, then it can also help you to get gift cards and cash without doing any extra efforts. With effortless tasks, anyone can earn gift cards for Spotify, So start surfing.

Check official website Here

6. Rakuten

Rakuten is an app that can definitely help you to earn a Spotify gift card online.  It’s a shopping application where you can get anything and everything, whether you want to purchase electronics or you want to purchase sports items, everything can be bought from more than 2500 stores available at this app.

It provides one-time awesome deals to win free gift cards. You will also get chances to earn cash backs by shopping through this application where you just to do your favorite job that is shopping,

You can also get cashback whenever you will make any online purchase from it. Users will also receive a bonus from time to time after using this application for a long time. You can claim back your cashback and use it to buy your favourite Spotify subscription without any extra investment.

Check official website Here

7. Gift Card Granny

Just as the name suggests, this app is the grandmother of all gift card earning apps. If you want to buy gift cards on discount online, then you can take help of Gift card granny. By using the rewards program of this site, you will be able to get free gift cards with the points earned in no time.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn free gift cards for Spotify, if you are really keen into listening music then this option is best for you to have the subscription of Spotify in one step just download the application and enjoy the benefits.

Whenever you will earn points, you can purchase gift cards from it. Just by reading newsletters, you can earn points every single day. Isn’t it great? You will get the knowledge through newsletters and you would also get free gift cards to run Spotify.

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8. Grindabucks

This is one of the best sites if you want to earn free of cost gift cards. You can win the cards just by watching videos, listening to music, viewing advertisements, taking surveys, downloading paid games, taking mobile offers and fulfilling little tasks.

These tasks can be fulfilled whenever you get time, you can utilize your free time in doing something productive and also earn rewards. You need to not put yourself on hold to earn any of them, you can do it wherever you are either while travelling or watching your favorite series.

You can start earning points and gift cards on this app anytime without any issues. With these simple words, it can be easy for you to earn lots of money. By using reward points, you can redeem Bitcoin and gift cards easily.

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9. Inbox Dollars

There is no fun if you haven’t been paid to surf online, but here is a chance to get something great while just searching for something useful or not online. This application can help you gain your knowledge at the same time get you the benefits of online in terms of gift cards.

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You can earn money just by downloading coupons, taking surveys, playing games, surfing the internet and shopping. All your favorite online job can get you the best subscription of Spotify for your great music experience.

You can also win a prize along with cash. This site can also help you to get gift cards. Playing games can’t be tiring work and you will keep enjoying it forever and that’s why you can take the help of this app to earn gift cards.

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10. Coinrewarder

This app can allow you to win Spotify gift cards online without doing any hard work. It is quite interesting that you earn points on this app by just downloading apps, watching videos and also completing the surveys.

You will get reward points with all this work and then you can redeem those award points into gift cards. And the best gift card you can redeem is the free Spotify gift card.

Although, as the name suggest you not only earn coins with this app but more than that you can get gift cards with this app. Redeem options are limited but you can get benefits if you are a new user. So, don’t waste your time and use this app if you want to earn Spotify gift cards.

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11. Ask from your friend

If your friend is planning to gift you something, you can ask for the Spotify gift card 2020 with which it can be easy for them to give you what you exactly want, and it will be also beneficial for your experience of Spotify that you are really interested in.

Gift cards are the best option to give a gift to anyone, you can also consider these options for someone who is very much into music and seeing the performance of Spotify collection this will be the best gift card ever one can have.

Instead of getting or giving the gift that may not have that charm after a month, it will be better to get a Spotify gift card which people can use it forever. If your mother, father or siblings are also planning to gift you something in the New Year, you can definitely ask them to give your gift card and you can suggest them this app to make it more convenient for them.

12. Ibotta

If you are using Ibotta to save some money on your groceries, then you can decide to use the rewards as well. Buying groceries is the need of every house and instead of going to the shop; you can have the app on your phone which is nowadays very common.

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Within minutes, you can get groceries at your doorstep and its like cherry on top if you are getting rewarded too for shopping like cash backs or various gift cards.

By using the rewards that you can get at Ibotta, you can easily earn Spotify gift card. You can also earn cash backs whenever you spend money at their online partners like Groupon, Boxed and iTunes. Using this application will be beneficial to you in every way.

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13. Insta GC

Now it has become possible to earn money without doing any extra hard work especially online. Everyone loves internet surfing and if you are also an internet lover, then you can earn money just by using your phone casually but in the right direction.

You must complete some tasks and then you will start earning gift cards on this application. It is one the best application that can make you satisfied every time you use it, you will never get disappointed with their services you can also recommend anyone in your group.

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At this platform, one can earn free of cost gift cards just by completing some tasks like surfing the web, shopping online, watching interesting videos and doing surveys. There are more than 300 redeemable options for the users and you can get gift cards with it.

Check official website Here

14. Sell old books

Do you have old books at your home? If yes, then you can sell them to earn a gift card for Spotify. Yes! It might sound difficult but now everything has become really easy and possible on the internet.

Just like you can buy books from online stores, it is also easy to sell away your old books which you are never going to touch again. It’s better that you make use of such books instead of throwing them in the trash.

You can earn money by selling your textbooks on trusted online store like Sell old Books. This is the best ways to sell your useless book and in return get great value of it because in the market there are people who are ready to pay for these kinds of products. This money you can use it buy your musical gift card of Spotify.


So, these are many ways which make it easy for you to earn a Spotify gift card. You can try out almost every method if you want to save money on subscriptions. Nothing can be better than listening to your favorite podcasts and songs and it can be easily possible by having the gift cards with you which you can use it buy the subscription.

When you don’t have to pay your money for the subscription, it will be the best feeling ever. From now on, you should only use the gift cards to get a Spotify subscription.

There is no need to wait for any opportunity or of someone who can provide you one, but you can get it all by yourself now. Completing online surveys and playing games won’t ask much of your time and you will also enjoy such fun tasks.

Please suggest your favorite way in the comment section which helps you to earn spotify gift card free in 2020.

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