25+ Easiest Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Card 2021

Free Amazon Gift Card 2021

Free Amazon gift card is really a jackpot for the people who are always eager to shop online at Amazon. Amazon gift cards never expire and have a lifetime validity.

If you love shopping online but, hate paying full prices for the items that are on your wish list? Well, then join the bandwagon as we spill the beans on how to score a free Amazon gift card

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What is even better is the fact that free Amazon gift card can be redeemed while purchasing absolutely in the Amazon marketplace and there’s absolutely no restriction regarding the category of the commodity which you can purchase. For all who are not aware of Amazon gift card, must check this to know more in details.  

Today in this article, we will be sharing some amazing tips and tricks which will help you in getting free amazon gift card very easily and instantly.

So, let’s check out them one by one. 

Free Amazon Gift Card 2021

1. Survey Junkie

Survey junkie offers a free Amazon gift card instantly and a plethora of other gift coupons if you complete the surveys from their enviable inventory of paid surveys.

It is an easy way to earn money from the internet, just build your profile and complete surveys, earn virtual points and cash them out in the form of Amazon gift card, gift card, PayPal and more. Click here to check the official website of Survey Junkie.

2. Irazoo

Irazoo gets paid by major brands all over the world to get the consumers to fill in surveys for them and in return, they pay the consumer to provide their unwarranted and honest opinion.

A free Amazon card is included in the form of payment at Irazoo.com and you can earn it just by filling in a few honest reviews. For more information you could check their official website and enjoy your free amazon gift card. 

3. Gazelle.com

You can get a free Amazon gift card instantly if you choose to sell your old electronics like tablets, phones, computer parts or laptops online on Gazelle.com.

They let you sell your electronic junk online and you can opt for a free Amazon e-gift card as the form of payment from them in return. It is very easy and simple method to earn amazon gift card for free.

4. Mobee

Mobee is a truly revolutionary app that gives you certain tasks to be performed at local stores near you and in return lets you choose from a vast range of gift card options like, a free Amazon gift card online, prizes and other valuable assets.

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Their concept is very easy and simple. All you need to locate missions nearby and select one to complete, answer the question and submit your mission for review. Earn points for every successful mission you complete and use those points for gift cards, prizes and more.

5. Shopkick

Shopkick rewards its user with a free Amazon e-gift card instantly and various other gifts in-store or online. The process is very simple for both online and offline part.

For offline you just need to open the Shopkick mobile app, scan a few barcodes of selected products and make some purchases, second the online process is quite simple just view select offers, or make online purchases. 

6. Honey

Honey where one can find the best discount codes all across the internet, Honey is an extension for your browser that lets you earn Honey Gold Rewards which are convertible into rewards like a free Amazon gift card online.

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The process is very simple just add the extension which is available for Google chrome and major browser, second, they’ll find the best deals, promo codes, savings, etc. Now buy that item by adding in your cart and wait for your great rewards and discount.  

7. Rakuten

Rakuten is the name which offers the great cashback, deals and shopping rewards on the world’s largest selection of products and services.

It lets you earn cashback on your purchases right away from various online portals given that you choose an appropriate coupon from their site beforehand making a purchase. You would see various famous websites and e-commerce option on their official web. 

8. LifePoints

Lifepoints rewards consumer with reward points for completing surveys on their website in exchange for anything in their LifePoint’s rewards catalog which includes a free Amazon e gift card.

The review of the people is also positive for this service and it is one of the best ways to earn free gift cards, just follow the simple steps and follow the procedure. 

9. CashCrate

Getting a free Amazon e-gift card has never been easier and CashCrate makes the work easy for us, this website is one of the world’s most popular rewards programs, with over 10 million members.

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There are opportunity categories where you need to submit your opinion in the form of surveys, shop online, refer friends and play some online games to redeem a free Amazon gift card from CashCrate today.

10. InstaGc

The name depicts all, InstaGC abbreviates Instant Gift card which is a fast-growing community to receive free gift cards instantly for your online activities.

It lets you earn a free Amazon gift card instantly by rewarding you for different activities like filling in surveys, watching videos, shopping online, searching the web and more. Just choose from 340+ gift cards including Amazon, Airbnb, Adidas, Hulu, iTunes, Starbucks and more.  

11. Ibotta

They pay you real money every day when you make a purchase. It is one of the most popular receipt-scanning apps in the market which lets you scan the receipts of your purchases and give you cashback in return or even a free Amazon gift card if you choose that while prize redemption.

Just get instant cashback in-store & online when you shop for groceries, clothing, home, travel, & more. Do use the recommended service they offer for best results. 

12. Reload

You can reload some cash on your existing amazing gift card for $100 or any value above that and they will give you free $5 with it. Isn’t that sweet?

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Adding funds to your Amazon.com gift card balance is now easier and faster. It is the cool feature of Amazon.com. If you have any concern or any question regarding reloading amazon gift card then you can directly contact the support on the following link – check this link 

13. Be an Affiliate

If you have a hobby blog or are a blogger as a profession, you can sign up to be an Amazon associate and advertise a handful of their products on your blog or website.

When your readers/visitors make any purchase on Amazon using your link, you will get paid. You can choose to get paid by Amazon in cash or in the form of a free Amazon E-gift card. It is also a way to get an amazon gift card. Be an Affiliate partner of Amazon here

14. WikiBuy

Being somewhat like Honey, Wikibuy is also an extension for your browser that helps you find best coupon codes and sends an alert when your favorite item goes on a sale!

Talking about the free Amazon gift card, this website gives you gift cards and other prizes when you refer it to your friends and they use your referral code to install the extension.

15. Dosh App

Talking about free Amazon gift card websites, it will be a mistake to skip Dosh out. Scoring a free Amazon gift card on Dosh is fairly easy as they give you cash backs in various forms such as an Amazon e-card when you make purchases through their app.

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You just need to link your credit and debit cards. Whenever you pay with your linked cards, Dosh gets you cashback. Also, it works with the restaurant and popular stores so as not to worry about cashback while eating and shopping. 

16. Job Spotter by Indeed

A very interesting app indeed, this app pays you just for taking snaps around your neighborhood of the boards that say “help wanted”.

All you have to do is submit these pictures along with the storefront and voila! They will bless you with a free Amazon gift card instantly (and a plethora of other things too).

17. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft launched a reward program to promote its search engine Bing. Whenever you use Bing to search for anything, you get rewarded with 5 points.

Once you have reached 5250 points, you can use it to redeem an Amazon gift card worth $5. It is a great initiative taken by them to make the search engine more popular and favored. 

18. My Points

MyPoints is a website that is quite similar to Swagbucks in terms of its interface. It lets its members earn rewards in the form of a free Amazon gift card and other gift coupons in return of completing a set number of tasks.

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Simply earn points by shopping at your favorite stores. The best part of this website is that they give a welcome bonus of $10 Amazon Gift card by signing up. So don’t wait and start shopping. 

19. Capterra.com

Capterra.com is an online peer reviewing website that gives payouts in various forms including a free Amazon gift card if you help them review different brands by filling in honest reviews and surveys.

It’s a very interesting way to get free Amazon e-gift cards instantly and easily. 

20. Swagbucks

You can earn Swagbucks points for free just by answering surveys, shopping online and more such free activities.

Then after having enough points, you can encash them for real money or for commodities like a free Amazon E-gift card, Walmart and PayPal. Find great deals by watching videos, searching the web and by shopping online.

21. Personal Capital

Personal capital is an app that lets you keep a tab on your investment portfolio. When you sign up on their website through this link, they will give you a free Amazon gift card worth 20$ which you can redeem it on Amazon and use it. 

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22. Drop App

Drop app grants you a free Amazon gift card instantly online once you install their app, run it and link your debit/credit card with your account.

Get rewarded by shopping at your favorite brands and join over 3 million members earning millions in cash rewards at Amazon, Starbucks and more. 

23. Prize Rebel

Opinion matters a lot is the motto of this community, Prize rebel which rewards you for mundane activities like watching videos, clicking on ads and other similar stuff for various prizes and cashback including a free Amazon E-gift card.

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Also, they offer gift cards from various services like PayPal, iTunes, Walmart, and more. Just share your opinion on an online survey and get paid completely.

24. ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal grants you rewards just for taking pictures of your shopping receipts and uploading them on their website.

Sounds easy, right? A fun and easy way to get free gift card of Amazon without many efforts right there! Just download the application and explore this great app which lets you earn valuable prizes, gift cards and more.

25. Befrugal.com

Befrugal is the online coupon and cashback website which lets you earn cashback whenever you make a purchase. They send your earning via following methods such as Paypal, gift card, check or direct deposit.

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If you shop through their portal on websites like eBay, Amazon and more; they help you earn a free Amazon gift and many more rewards. If you want to explore this website and know more information then check out the official website. 

26. Checkpoints

Checkpoints is the app that gives you a reward in return on following activities, Just watch videos, participate in quizzes, shop on the web, search or more and be ready to get the rewards in the form of gift cards from Amazon, Target, Walmart and much more. Also win giveaways, shopping sprees and more. One crazy way to get a free Amazon gift card.

27. Dealspotr

DealSpotr is not a regular deals’ site. It let users add different deals on their website and when other users verify that deal, the points are rewarded to the person who added that deal.

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The website rewards points for referring your friends too. After a certain limit, these points can be used to redeem prizes like a free Amazon E-gift card.

28. Mr Rebates

The name is enough to know about this brand, Mr Rebates which grants users cashback when they shop using their web portal or their mobile application.

All you need to do is find the desired store, and shop normally then make a purchase and just wait for the cashback. Paying through PayPal makes them trustworthy and secure for shopping. 

29. Inbox Dollars

Earning from the internet is not a big thing today and this company has provided their customers with the best deals, cashback and more.

So, it is another fun website that gives out cash prices and other redeemable gift cards like an Amazon gift card online when you do certain activities like filling out surveys, watching videos, etc. Also, get an instant $5 signup bonus by just filling a few details. Just go for it! 

30. Topcashback

Topcashback is one of those websites that provides cashback for the money you spend online. Apart from that, you get points for signing up for different products, websites, and services as well. As is clear, you can get paid in various forms including a free Amazon E-gift card.


Wrapping up the post..!!

No matter if you are online shopping addict or just love grabbing good deals when you see them. We hope that today, we were capable to enlighten you about how to grab your own free Amazon gift card

If you know about any other free Amazon gift card websites or services, do let us know in the comment section.

Please share if you think this article is useful for your friends and family. 

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