10 Savvy ways to Earn PayPal Gift Card for Free

earn paypal gift card for free

There are several ways to earn a PayPal gift card without spending a penny from your pocket. Do you want to look for some of the best ways to earn a PayPal gift card? At the present time, there are lots of marketing experts and advertising agencies providing amazing reward offers for the customers. 

These days, it has become very easy to do some shopping by having gift cards with you. How can you get the gift cards? Which gift cards are best for you? Mostly, people want to get PayPal gift cards as those can be used to get cash in return.

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For better customer engagement, many companies provide discounts, cashback, and several gift cards. It can be very beneficial for you as a customer, but you will need to know about some of the best ways to get it.

You can also make free PayPal money with these promotional offers and coupons. Now, you can also get a free PayPal gift card if you know about the right platform to earn it. There are several ways to get free PayPal gift card given below:

List of ways to Earn Paypal Gift Card free

1. Shopkick

Shopkick is one of the best platforms that you can use to get to PayPal gift cards for free. You just need to download this application and make your account on it. There is no need to buy any item to get these gift vouchers while using this app. You will get awards for shopping both at retail and online stores. 

It is essential for the users to sign in to the app and you will need to select some stores to procure kicks into the stores. You can select any store of your choice from where you can get gift cards. You should check out this online platform when you want to get a PayPal gift card.

Shopkick official website

2. Berrycart

Nowadays it is very important to focus on proper nutrition to live healthy and fit. If you want to know about natural and gluten-free substances, you can try the platform Berrycart. Everyone wants to stay healthy and it becomes easier if you can get it delivered at your home. If you are planning to buy such products, then Berrycart is a superb option for you to stay fit and you can also utilize some rewards that you can get from the shopping you do here. 

On this platform, you will be able to join the discount program where you can earn PayPal gift card on the selected natural nourishment buys. All you need to do is installing this application and sign up to buy the best products. 

Berrycart Official website

3. Fetch Rewards

It is another excellent app that you can use to earn PayPal gift card in 2020. Fetch Rewards is a very popular app where you will find several kinds of offers whenever you browse the app. There are various shopping options for the customers, you can purchase numerous useful products on this application. 

After making a purchase, whenever you make the payment it is important for you to check out the receipt you receive on your purchase. With the help of that receipt, you can win free PayPal gift cards without doing any extra efforts. After that, you can use those gift cards to purchase anything using the PayPal platform. 

Fetch Rewards official website

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4. Top cashback – Earn Paypal Gift Card

Top cashback is the perfect platform that offers several kinds of money back offers for the users. If you are a user of this app, you don’t need to worry about any kind of installment limit, and you will be able to make an additional 2.5% with a free PayPal gift card with this app.  

With this online platform, you will get vouchers and cashback offers from thousands of online stores. Isn’t that great? All you need to do is download this application and then you can explore one of the best online stores to get the best benefits. 

Top Cashback official website

5. Swagbucks

You can also join Swagbucks when you are looking to earn points and gift cards by online shopping, watching videos, online surveys, and different browser methods. You can choose any activity you like to do online on this app and start earning gift cards. 

This application is known to provide free gift cards like PayPal, Amazon, Walmart and many more. You will find this platform excellent when you start using it and getting rewards in return. This is one of the best ways to get PayPal gift cards.

Swagbucks official website

6. Ibotta

If you like to save money on your online purchase with additional discount coupons then Ibotta is the platform where you can do it all. You just need to download this app from the play store and get your groceries at your doorsteps with the additional benefits that you can make here. Almost every homeowner needs to purchase groceries from time to time and that’s why having such an app will be beneficial for you. 

You will get cashback offers and discounts when you buy groceries on this app. There are lots of stores available on this app where you can prefer shopping. If you want to make additional money or you want to earn rewards, you can also refer this app to your friends for it.

Ibotta official website

7. Shop with Drop – PayPal Gift Card

Drop is one of the most popular reward apps that you can use for free. This app is available for iOS devices and more than 1 million people are using it. When you start using this app, you are gonna love it, It will help you earn gift cards and other coupons in many ways. You need to link your debit or credit card to the account to get reward points directly in your account while shopping on this app.

You should give it a try to earn free PayPal money and gift cards for Starbucks, Netflix, and many other popular retailers. The app is quite easy to use and comes with zero lagging issues. Getting rewards for shopping will be the most satisfying experience for you. 

Drop official website

8. Price Rebel

To earn free PayPal gift cards, you can also download the Whaff rewards which give points to its users for downloading the apps listed on their website. This app will help you to get some benefits on the purchase receipt of your shopping. By scanning the receipts, you will be able to get several kinds of rewards and gift cards. Isn’t this a great idea to earn gift cards?

What makes Whaff rewards different from other websites is the fact that they don’t need you to open the app after you download them and you get rewarded with points right away.

Whaff Rewards official website

9. Irazoo – Free PayPal Gift Card

Irazoo is an excellent platform where you will be able to earn different kinds of rewards in several ways. There are lots of users who are using this platform and they have earned thousands of dollars by being a member of this application. You just need to complete a few activities and it will help you to earn a PayPal gift card.

To earn gift cards or cash points, you just need to fulfill some easy tasks. You can be the next one to make money with this platform. You can create an account for free and can earn points by doing several activities on the app. It’s very easy to turn those points in your choice of gift cards. Utilize your spare time and earn some gifts.

Official website of Irazoo

10. Find Gift Card Giveaways on Instagram

At the present time, Instagram is one of the best platforms for marketing and advertising. There are lots of companies providing free offers and rewards for the customers on Instagram. You just need to join these giveaways and you will be able to win PayPal gift card 2020 with it.

Make sure to find out some of these accounts on Instagram where you can find these kinds of contests and giveaway offers. You just need to know about the rules of the giveaway so that you can join it. You can search on the internet with the keywords like a giveaway contest, and PayPal gift cards and more with hashtags on Instagram so that you can find out such kind of offers. Make your surfing on instagram more fruitful.

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Wrapping up the Post

These are some of the best ways where you can learn how to make PayPal money for free. You can win gift cards and several other offers on all these kinds of platforms mentioned above.

Always make sure to know about all the terms and conditions so that you can win these rewards without any kind of inconvenience. Join all these platforms and enjoy free PayPal gift cards and cash now.

So wrapping up the post, We hope you found this article enlightening and informative. If you know any other hacks which help to earn PayPal gift card then don’t hesitate to share your wonderful thoughts, we will definitely add those points in the article and make it the updated one.

Also, if your mind has other sites or apps that offer free PayPal gift cards? Let us know in the comment section below. Liked this article then don’t forget to share this with freaky people, Social Media is hungry for the content like this, feed them the best one and help the needy one.

Note: Please read terms and conditions before applying on these websites or apps. 

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