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30 Things Not to Give as Gifts to Your Loved ones

There are plenty of things not to give as gifts which are full of superstitions that you might not aware of. Gifts mean a lot to everyone. The right gift tells you’re thoughtful, observant,...
best DIY Youtube Channels

11 Great DIY Youtube Channels For Learning DIY Gifts & Cards

Are you thinking to learn how to create DIY gifts & Cards? or looking for ways to expand your creativity. If your answer is YES, then this article is might for you. In this...

20+ Gifting Tips That Will Guarantee Make Your Moment More Special

Looking for the ideas to make your gifts more elegant & fashionable then read this ultimate guide covering 20+ gifting tips. Sometimes gifts are very important to address your feelings towards someone special to...

First Acknowledgement Post – Directly From the Owner’s Desk

This is the first post of Freakishland which is dedicated to all my friends and family. I’d like to say thanks to my mentor Mr. Rahul Gupta who motivates me in every phase of...